Monday, November 10, 2008

She cooked!

I took FULL advantage of the super duper sales at Dillon's (Kroger) this weekend. My bill before my discounts and coupons was $230...after all the discounts?? $130! I saved $100!! And after looking at my receipt, I see that they jipped me out of one of the $5 rewards...but I still did pretty good.

Anyway, one of my purchases was a buy one get one slab of ribs. Ribs aren't my favorite, but they are The Colonel's favorite, and my dad won't turn them down either. So, I called mom from work this morning and asked her to throw them in the crock pot using a recipe I found on one of the MANY blogs I read these days. And come to find out, it was John McCain's recipe. We liked it, but I think I would change up the spices a bit the next time - it was kinda salty. And mom insisted on basting the ribs with BBQ sauce at the end of the cooking cycle. We cooked them for 10 hours on low, and they were falling off the bone. Yum yum!

We paired the ribs with the yummiest yummiest Gouda mashed potato casserole (Jody - thank you for that!!) The recipe calls for whole milk, which I didn't have, so I used skim milk and fat free half and half. GO MAKE THIS NOW!!

And in an effort to have something without any fat in it, we had green beans as well. I had hoped for a nice family dinner together, but The Colonel got stuck at work late, and my dad had to leave early for his flying class thing, so we ate in shifts. And in between bites, I attempted to heat up squash and sweet potatoes for the boy...too bad one batch ended up all over the counter, cupboard and floor, and I melted the bowl on the next batch. Meanwhile he was screaming bloody murder b/c his little tummy was STARVING! Poor kid. We finally all got to eat, including The Colonel. I guess that was the important thing.

The boy was extra fussy today as he's still trying to get those 2 top teeth in, so he went to bed early. And instead of conquering one of the many things on my to-do list, I sat my big butt in front of the TV and caught up on The Amazing Race. I have to say - I'm SOOOOO glad those chicks, the divorcees, got kicked off. They are complete idiots. How many times did they neglect to follow the directions and get screwed up? They deserved to be gone. I hope that Kenny and Tina win it - they're the most down to earth, help others, nice people on the show.

Now, it's off to bed for me. The Colonel and I are both off tomorrow to celebrate our 8th anniversary as well as Veteran's Day. The plan is to take in the movie Fireproof and have an early dinner, sans the boy. Let's hope for better weather than we had today!


Jill said...

I don't know if you remember me (Jayme's friend) we are in SO Cal this week. What are some good places to eat out here? We've already had in n out, it was yummy.

Sally said...

Jill - I'm jealous!! i hope you're having fun. I suggest Baja Fresh and ask around for a good mexican restaurant (since we have NONE here). It depends on where exactly you are, but I also love Round Table Pizza and Me N Ed's Pizza. I can't wait to hear all about it!

Jayme said...

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!

I have heard that movie is sooo good. Have a great day!

Jody said...

Happy Anniversary! And a big THANK YOU to the Col for his service. Enjoy your day off!

Lynette said...

Happy Anniversary!!!! I want to see that movie! Have fun!

MammaMia said...

MMMM I'm hungry now! How you enjoy your day!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for the recipes and the websites. Sounds like a good meal.

Enjoy your time out with the Colonel.
Mama Bear

Laura said...

A few things:
*Happy Anniversary!!
*Your meal sounds SO yummy! Those potatoes sound so good!
*I am sad that I don't have a Dillons close to me.
*We get to go see Fireproof on Sunday afternoon. I can't WAIT!
*Love ya!

DQ said...

Happy anniversay Munch (a day late). Look at me reading your blog! It's totally addictive and has pretty much filled my evening. =) Brian says he is afraid of Blogs. I am very impressed. And I can't believe how big and adorable little Major is. He looks just like you. Later Chica.

Carrie said...

Happy Anniversary! That sounds like a yummy recipe. I can't wait to try it! Those top teeth are just the worst! They seemed to take FOREVER. Hope he gets some relief soon!

Terri said...

wow I just checked out that recipe and I have got to try those! I'm a lush for potatoes, just about any way they come!