Saturday, February 21, 2009

FINALLY - the rest of our trip

It wasn't my intention to keep you all in suspense about the end of our trip to CA - which was now over a month ago, but time has gotten away from me. Facebook has taken over all of my online time, and blogging has taken a back seat.

But, on to the rest of our trip - before I forget what we did. =) After our weekend in the mountains, we spent just over 40 hours in Bakersfield. It was such a short time that I didn't tell very many people I was coming. I knew there was NO way I could see everyone I wanted to, and I didn't want to stress out over trying to fit it all in (especially with a 9 month old who wasn't sleeping well away from home).

I ended up having enough time to visit with a few friends over wine and super yummy homemade tuxedo cheesecake after I got the boy to sleep in a pack and play for a bit. We also had time for breakfast with a good friend of mine and her daughter. Brooke LOVES Lil Major, and I'm so sad they don't live near us so she can be my babysitter. And of course we made time for a few photos with Lorie (I'll post the highlights in a separate post).

Brooke and Lil Major...

After too brief a time in Bako, we headed back up north on the train. It was a VERY LOONNNGG train ride. We were stopped for almost an hour in the middle of nowhere while they worked on a train that was blocking the track. Finally we got back up to my Aunt's house where we collapsed into bed. We spent our last day in CA (a day that was clear and gorgeous, I might add!) wandering around my Aunt and Uncle's cute little bayside town.

On our last night, we met up with my Grandma, my aunt and 2 of my cousins for dinner. I hadn't seen my cousins in a year since we'd been out for my Grandpa's funeral. We had fun catching up and telling stories.
You'd think all the fun part of our trip was over, since we just had to head right to the airport the next morning. And getting up at 4 am to catch the 5am train into the city to get to the airport on time was NOT the fun part (that's why I will ask you to ignore how I look in the photo below)...but FINALLY getting to meet our good friend's son WAS the fun part. They live in SF, and believe it or not, the airport is on their way to work (how lucky is she that her son's daycare is just a minute away from her work?!!). Little C is just a few weeks younger than Lil Major, and it was so fun to introduce the boys. It would have been more fun (for the boys) if we could have met in a park where they could crawl all around, but we enjoyed our time in the food court anyway. Thanks A for coming to see us!!

Our flights home went exactly as planned, and we were able to get our own row on the plane so we could spread out.

The Colonel and Papa met us when we got home, and we were SO glad to sleep in our own beds again. =)

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