Tuesday, May 05, 2009

My 13 Month Old!

I'm pretty sure that my boy just turned ONE yesterday...so how is it possible that he's 13 months old today??? Time just flies!

Jenn posted super cute video of her daughter walking for the first time, and it made me realize that I'd never even taken any video of Lil Major walking. So, I had to fix that. He started taking steps at about 11 months, but he didn't really start walking more than crawling until a couple weeks ago. Now, he obviously prefers walking to crawling. My little boy is growing up...already!


Jenn said...

The last part of the second video looked just like what Julianne does a million times a day. She has so many bruises it looks like I beat her. She just gets right up and keeps on going though. It's so fun watching them learn how to walk! He's adorable! We've gotta get our two together!

Holly said...

WOW! He's walking so good! It's so funny to see Finn walking in the walker, it'll be so wierd when he walks.

Love Bears All Things said...

Growing up fast.
Mama Bear

Lynette said...

What a big boy!!! He is such a cutie.