Monday, March 01, 2010

March 1

Who knew that time goes in warp speed after you have kids?? My boy is going to be 23 months old this week, and then in a month, he'll be 2. Wow! Actually, he already seems like he's two to me (we've even seen a couple temper tantrums already), and I've called him 2 a couple times.

He's still such a joy. He learns so quickly, and it's so fun to watch his little personality emerge. He loves cars and trucks and trains and airplanes (I think I see a transportation themed bday party in my near future), and he also loves ALL sports...but mostly ba-ket-ball. He can spot a basketball hoop from a mile away. He also loves to pray, and it just melts my heart every time I see it. He bows his little head, mumbles his prayer, and then pumps his fist in the air and shouts A-MEN!! (the prayer is at the end of the video...first he has to play w/ daddy's elbow)

We've been spending several hours each week at the YMCA, where he LOVES to play in the Kid Zone. I kept him out of there for a long time, but it was due to my own fears, not his. Now we both love it! Actually, I think we both NEED it! =)

I'm done w/ my one of my part time jobs - the one that was most stressful. Now, I just have 3 part time jobs that I'm doing. Ha! I'm doing some internet research (from home, in my jammies!), I'm still teaching classes at the Y, and I'm subbing in the schools. I had my first assignment last week. It went fairly well, although the 7th graders just about did me in...and I sent one of them to the office. I have two days of high school girls PE this week - pray for me!

Here are some of the activities that happen when Daddy plays hooky from work (not really, he took a vacation day so I could work)...we LOVE it when Daddy is home!


Love Bears All Things said...

Thank you so much for sharing this update. I love your header. Looks like Lil Major has your eyes.
Mama Bear

Christine said...

Wow, he looks like such a boy, especially his face. Not much baby left there. Can't wait to see you when the baby arrives!

Agnes said...

So big! And so cute! Glad subbing went okay...I miss you!

欣盈 said...

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