Monday, June 28, 2010

Remembering the Good 'Ol Days

Jody's super fun giveaway gave me a chance to remember my favorite vacation (so far). 4 years ago, before we moved to KS, before we even thought about Lil Major, before I started this blog, The Colonel and I took an amazing vacation to Ireland.

We spent a full week sightseeing, celebrating my BFF's wedding, and acting like locals in Ireland. It was the best vacation we've ever had. The Colonel golfed on the links, I sipped mimosas and ate fruit and cheese. We had tea in the afternoons. We slept in a castle. We drove on the "wrong" side of the road. And I'm so ready to go back!

Here's a picture of us at the Rock of Cashel. This was the first day that the sun came out...I think it was on day 3 or 4.

It's not my favorite picture of us on our trip, but it's a picture from my favorite trip. My camera broke right when we got to Ireland (figures!), so I had to rely on photos from others, and somehow I never kept digital copies of all of them. I DO have an amazing scrapbook from our trip that I will treasure always.


Love Bears All Things said...

Hello, Sally, how is your summer going...I've always wanted to go to Ireland...I know it must be beautiful...When's the baby due?
Mama Bear

Jenn@the loves of jenn said...

I remember sitting and going through all of your developed pics from this trip. It looked so beautiful and I've wanted to go to Ireland ever since. Maybe someday....