Monday, September 20, 2010

My Big Boy

In two weeks, lil Major will be 2 1/2...30 months...I can't believe it. In some ways it feels like he's been part of our lives forever, but it's really only been 2 1/2 years. Of course, I can NOT imagine my life without him now.

He is so much fun and so frustrating...sometimes at the same time. He is smart and happy and loving and anything else a proud mama can say.

He amazes me every day with all that he knows and all that he remembers. We were driving by Lowe's the other day, and he points and says, "that's where the big green bug is up high and they have tractors like Daddy's and lawn mowers." Seriously, how does he remember all that??? He remembers people and names and who they belong to and what they have at their house.

He definitely knows right from wrong and how to push Mommy's buttons. He knows that if I mention "the spoon" that I'm really serious. He knows that Mommy has a baby in her belly, but if you ask him if he wants a little brother or sister, he usually says "no." =)

He says please and thank you. He loves baseball, basketball, golf and football, but nothing beats swinging in the backyard or at the park. He never tires of driving cars with Daddy or reading books or watching Cars.

He loves his bedtime/naptime routine, and he is a champ when it's time to go to sleep. He still loves to rock and sing with his Mommy, and he reminds me to pray if I forget. Before I walk out of the room, he always says, "see you when I wake up." Sometimes he tells us, "don't let the bed bugs bite."

He knows the ABC song, and he can recognize some of the numbers. He can count to 14 (on most days), and his favorite songs are: This is the Day the Lord has Made, the Patient song, and Jesus Loves the Little Children.

As we drive along, he calls out all the vehicles he sees: Hummer, cement truck, trash truck, mail truck, fire truck, Jeep, Motorcycle, police car, ambulance. He also knows where we get ice cream (Freddy's), tater tots (Sonic), french fries (McD's), Bob the Buffalo (Ted's Montana Grill), treats (Quik Trip) and gas (Dillons)...and he calls all those out as we go by. At least once a day, he asks to go to one of the "treats" places. It's so hard to say NO to the little guy.

He's wearing size 9 shoes, but he's well on his way to size 10. He's in 3T shirts and 2T pants, and he still has the most beautiful big blue eyes and super long lashes that melt me into a puddle when he looks at me. I can't help but smother him in hugs and kisses many many times each day.

He loves to give bear hugs (complete w/ a growl), kiss his Mama, "pound it," salute like Papa, and wave and blow kisses. When we leave Mema and Papa's house, we have to stand in the yard and do our goodbye routine for several we run through all the ways to say goodbye.

As the time ticks by until baby #2 arrives, I'm finding myself feeling a little sad. I'm so excited to meet the new baby joining our family, and I'm SO ready to not be pregnant anymore, but I'm SOOOOO sad that my one-on-one time w/ Major is coming to an end. No matter what, I want Major to feel just as important and loved after the baby as he does right now. And I don't know how to do that, because there's no way I can give him as much attention post-baby as I do now.

I'm trying to remember all that as these days go by. I'm trying to close the laptop more and get down on the floor and drive cars or build blocks (as physically difficult as that is now) more often. I'm trying to completely absorb him right now. Our lives changed dramatically when he came into our family, and they're about to change again. I'm so excited and scared and nervous and sad....all at the same time.

Major - I love you so much more than you can know. You are my first born, my sweet sweet Major, and I will always remember how special these first few years with you have been. I'm so excited to see you become a big brother, and I know that you will do an awesome job! I love you, baby boy!


Agnes said...

Ahhh...he's such a big boy! You know that I totally felt the same way...and it was definitely hard. There are times when it still is hard. But I have to say that it's getting easier. I have to make sure that I make time just for Hudson, but I really think that he's adjusting. Enjoy your last few months though!

HouseMama said...

I remember feeling the same way when I was pregnant with our second. It didn't seem possible to love another human being the way I loved our first (even though I knew I would!). One of our pastors, who has 6 kids, said that God gives you another heart to fill up with love each time you have a child. And it was true. I never felt like I had to divide my love between the boys - now time....that can be a little tricky. Just pray for moments to share when the baby's sleeping (nursing is a great time to read books or talk). Happy Laboring!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

Thanks for catching us up on life at your house...I can't believe he is 2 and 1/2 already...Things really will change and so will he as he reacts to sharing his parents with a sibling...You can make time to spend with him one on one by taking him out without the baby for things he is old enough to do but baby isn't....I can't wait to find out if its a girl or boy.
Mama Bear