Monday, December 15, 2008

Mondays still suck

I haven't worked (a paying job) on a Monday in several months. And now I'm not working (a paying job) at all anymore. But, my Monday still sucked.

It actually started last night. The boy went down easily about 7:30pm. He slept GREAT...for 3 hours. As I got up from working on our Christmas letters to head to bed, I heard him...awake...crying. It took me an hour to get him settled back down and asleep in his crib. He's got a cold and an ear infection, and he's more comfortable sleeping propped up on my chest than flat in his crib. Too bad I can't sleep that way.

After that, he was up every 90 minutes! All.Night.Long! Finally, I kicked The Colonel at 5:30am and made him get up with him - I didn't care that he was working this morning...I needed to sleep!

Finally, at 7;30, I gave in to the cries coming from the nursery and dragged my butt out of bed. The morning went pretty smoothly. We ate breakfast, started some laundry, the boy took a good nap, and then we got ready to go to lunch with my old co-workers and boss. We loaded up into the car, pulled out of the garage, and I hit the button to close the garage door. And then things got crazy. The double door shut, but the single door opened. What? I didn't push that button. After punching at buttons and yelling at nothing, I pulled back into the driveway and went to investigate. I still don't know why the single door opened, but the double door had a broken opener - the chain was hanging on the ground. Great!

By the time I got all the doors properly closed, I was late to lunch. No biggie. While we waited for our food to come, I fed Lil Major his lunch (squash, mango and sweet potato). Then I let him taste a little bit of my mashed potatoes. AND THEN, the boy started coughing...and he puked his entire lunch all over himself. In true mom fashion, I caught most of the puke in my hand. What was I trying to save? I'm not exactly sure.

All of my co-workers groaned and gagged, and I swept the boy up and into the bathroom. Luckily I had a change of clothes in the diaper bag. He spent the rest of lunch cuddling with my boss, and she LOVED every minute of it. I had planned on running some errands after lunch, but due to the puking incident, we just headed home. That means that I forgot to mail the Christmas letters and bills while we were out. nice.

We came home, the boy took another nap, my Dad came over to look at the garage door, and then we had to head back out into the -9 degree windchill so the kiddo could get his flu shot.

All that to say that I wasn't in the best mood when The Colonel got home, so I didn't think it was funny when he asked me what I did all day, and why couldn't I get anything done, and why should HE get up with the kid during the night. He has to WORK all day. I know he was joking, but it was so NOT funny today. And just for that, I'll be kicking his butt out of bed every 90 minutes tonight to comfort the sicky baby.

And for listening to me rant and rave, I bring you some pictures of my super cute kid.

Oh, and I am trying to find some time to take pics of my Christmas decorations and post them. You all should do the same!!


Agnes said...

Poor Lil Major! I hope he sleeps better tonight. Hudson got his 1 year shots was so sad!

Monica said...

I have had that happen to me before, loved it. Hope he does better tonight. You both look great in those picures. By the way I got the Free Oprah Photo book too, it turned out so good. You will love yours.
Hope all is well.

Eliza said...

Those are great pictures! I love em!

Sorry your Monday was so bad, some days are just like that.

Jenn said...

It's always one thing after another on days like that. Hope he feels better soon!

Love Bears All Things said...

I remember those days! Try to rest when the boy does. Sounds like coughing brings on the gag reflex. That was the way of it for Wonder Boy, too.
Soon you'll enjoy being home all day with him. I promise.
Mama Bear

Lynette said...

Sorry you had such a rough night and day. Hope Lil' Major is feeling better.

Band of Brothers said...

so sorry you had a sucky day. that is the pits! it's sooo soo hard when babies are sick and can't sleep. i gave ollie salt spray up his nose when he was sick and he still wanted me to prop him up. i gave in and gave him some childrens' sudafed. 15 minutes later he was sound asleep for the night. that stuff works miracles, but they only sell it behind the counter at select locations like rite aid.

and i'm so impressed that you had a change of clothes for lil major after he puked! look at you! and the pics are super cute.