Friday, January 16, 2009

Falling Apart

Who said that thirty is the new twenty??? I agreed with that statement until recently...when I started falling apart.

I've taken care of my body (ok, so I've missed a few visits to the dentist, but he's SCARY!), I go to the gym, I eat veggies (to balance out the junk food), I get as much sleep as I can. I brush my teeth, go to the eye doctor, get my annual checks. So, why, please tell me, is my body giving up on me this year?

It's like turning 34 had something to do with it. Because since then? I'm a mess.

Ever since Lil Major was born, I've had problems with my back. And I'm finally getting that fixed. My twice weekly trips to the physical therapist have really helped. Yesterday she said that she could really tell a difference in my back. When I first went in, the whole area by my shoulder blade down to the middle of my back was "frozen". It wouldn't move when she rubbed on it, and it was full of knots. She's been able to massage most of those knots out, and I (almost) feel normal again. I still get weird tinglies when I work out or am tired, but the jabbing pain is gone. And the therapy? It's heaven! I start out by lying on my tummy in a dark room with a weighted hot water blanket on my back. Oh, it's my naptime, and it's heavenly! I only have 2 more sessions left, and I'm sad. I really need to step it up to find a massage therapist who my insurance approves.

Besides my back...I went to a new eye doctor last week for my annual check and to get new contacts. This time I went to an ophthalmologist. We switched insurance last year and my old doctor doesn't accept it (oh joy!), so off to the new one. She was really nice, and YOUNGER than me (see, I AM old!), and all went well in the office. My prescription hasn't changed (one good thing), she numbed my eyes for the glaucoma test and then she dilated them. I came home and went about my day. AND THEN, about 7 hours later, my eyes were on fire. I didn't think much of it, so I just went to bed. I woke up the next morning with gunk in my eyes and red in my eyes.

Oh no! I thought I had pink eye! Since it's made the rounds through my sister's house 4 times in the last couple months, I panicked. And if I had it, then I got it at the doctor's office. All of a sudden, I remembered that she hadn't washed her hands when she came in the room...and then she touched my eyes!!

After many phone calls back and forth to the office, another night of gunk in my eyes, and FINALLY a visit back to the doctor (which I'm sure I'll be charged for), we decided it was some sort of reaction to the numbing drops. A reaction that I never had BEFORE I turned 34! So, after a week of wearing my glasses and looking like a freak with red eyes, I think that's back to normal.

What's next you say? Oh yes, there is more. Lil Major got a killer cold as soon as we got back from Indiana. In fact, Captain, my mom, my dad, and ME all got the cold. Everyone is over it...except me! I haven't had a cold this bad in years. Congestion, sneezing, blowing my nose (bright yellow - have you ever seen that??), sore throat, coughing...generally, feeling like CRAP.

I'm convinced it has something to do with being 34!

Finally, I'm starting to feel better during the day. But, at night? My throat is still killing me, I cough like there's no tomorrow, and I get stuffed up. I finally called the nurse a couple days ago. After asking me a million questions, she decided that I just have a cold, and I have to wait it out. Grr!

And here's a funny thing. There was just an article in the paper about how if you get 8 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep, then you can usually fight off a cold more quickly or never get it in the first place. Huh. Well, then I will get every cold. I haven't had 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep in over a year!

There's more, but I won't even get into the fact that I'm still carrying baby weight - besides, that probably has more to do with my addiction to chocolate and junk food than anything. =)

If you think about it, pray for this old girl. I need it. And I NEED to get over this cold!


Jayme said...

I hate being sick. I hate it. And I hate being sick over and over and over.

I'm sorry. I have found that having kids just brings more germs around. It could be THAT, and not just being 34. No matter how hard you try...they always put their mouths and hands on something yucky. :) Just wait until he goes to school!!!!! Or you have 2!!!!!!!!!!!

I figure that while they are building their own takes a toll on your own.

Eliza said...

Your therapy does sound like heaven! I would love that.

I will pray you get better soon!

Lynette said...

I am praying for ya. I have to tell you that this I have been complaing this entire pregnancy about being old, I think that 34 is the turning point too. =)

Jenn said...

Well geez, you're not giving me much hope for my 34th b-day in September! :) I've been having some issues too but not as bad as this. Are you still taking your pre-natal vitamins. I swear, those things are awesome! I didn't get sick the whole time I was pregnant so I just kept right on taking them and have only had 1 cold since I had Julianne. Sleep makes a ton of difference too. I got 9 hours the other night and felt like a new person. Maybe have your mom watch the little guy overnight (if she agrees to that :), take some benedryl, have a cocktail and nighty-night Sally! Get some sleep woman!

Holly said...'re having a hard time! I hope it gets better soon. Doesn't sound too good for me. I turn 30 in March.....

Agnes said...

I can't believe you're still sick! I hope you get better soon.

I wish we weren't getting older! I was talking to a lady at the gym the other day and she has a 17 year old son. I told her she didn't at all look like she could have a 17 year old (she looked really young) and then I realized that technically, I could have a 17 year old. Wow!

Sally said...

Jenn - that's a great idea. I'll have to talk to my mom about it...after she gets well. She called and said she's not feeling good now. Aah!

Agnes - it was so weird at The Colonel's 20th HS reunion last year...some of them had kids graduating from high school!!! So crazy!!

Chelf said...

Oh, man. Love knowing that I will be 35 this year. Thanks for reminding me how badly out of shape and sleep I am... and I don't have a cute little excuse like yours!

Speaking of a nice day... Feb 7, Ladies Day at a church there in Wichita. I want you to come with me. Starbucks later, too. :-)

MammaMia said...

So sorry you aren't feeling good! My aunt told me to put vicks on my hubby's feet followed by socks fresh out of the dryer. Hope you feel better soon.

Band of Brothers said...

i'm so sorry you have not been feeling well. i am dealing with nonstop sinus issues, so i know how you feel! it stinks feeling like crap. i will definitely be praying for you. and those therapy sessions sound heavenly!

shell said...

I so hear you on feeling old! I think since we both had babies when we were older it may have hit us a bit harder. I don't think my back will ever be the same, either. And I don't think I will get a solid 8 hours of sleep for a long, long time. sigh. And now my dentist is even younger than me! Holy cow! Ah, well, at least we still look young, right? Hope you feel better soon. like now...haha. xoxo