Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Since I became a mom...

I get less done, I cook more, I snuggle and hug and kiss and love more...

...since I became a mom.

I notice cute kids "driving" the cart from the little car in front. I notice moms who are mean and impatient and rude to their kids in the store. I check out that super cute stroller on the bike path. I smile and tease the baby in the cart in front of me.

...since I became a mom.

I can no longer tolerate F bombs. I couldn't really tolerate it before, but now it just really grates on me. Now I'M the one muttering under my breath about those idiot kids.

...since I became a mom.

I can no longer watch movies about sad things unless it has a happy ending. And I especially can't want shows or movies where kids are hurt. (I bawled like a baby through Australia today and don't even get me started on Slumdog Millionaire.)

...since I became a mom.

I ABSOLUTELY can NOT understand what possesses someone to hurt or sell or torture or kill a child. I can understand the frustration and impatience you feel with a child, but they are depending on YOU to care for them. How in the world can a caregiver do so much damage to a child. (Little Shaniya's story in NC is eating me up!)

...since I became a mom.

I now understand what people meant when they said, "you'll feel differently when it's your own." Boy oh boy, do I get it now.

...since I became a mom.

BUT, I still don't get how all of that love is inside of me. Where did it come from?? How in the world did it just SHOW UP when my boy was handed to me? And where did the extra love (and patience and adoration and appreciation) for his daddy come from? God is amazing, that's all there is about it.

...since I became a mom.

Now, I can really appreciate the sacrifice and the AWESOME AWESOME gift that God gave to me when He allowed His Son to die, to SUFFER so immensely, on the cross, just so that I could live. Oh, what a sacrifice it was. I can't even fathom.

...since I became a mom.

nerve endings are closer to the surface, tears come more easily, laughter and smiles come more readily, chores go unfinished, priorities change...

...since I became a mom.

And I'm SO loving all of it!!


garymooreca said...

Isn't it amazing how God uses babies to transform us? I loved this blog entry, it was so fun to find. Had precepts tonight, and I miss you here in California. But I love more hearing how God is working in your heart. Claudia

Band of Brothers said...

Oh how I loved this post. Cried through most of it...but love seeing your heart!

Holly said...

You're so right on everything!! It's amazing, that's for sure. :)

Rachel O said...

I really like this. I can't wait to experience it myself.

shell said...

this was beautiful.

Eliza said...

You said it perfectly! I was trying to explain this to one of my classes today - well not all of this, but how much more sensitive I am at movies now.

Agnes said...

Funny isn't it how much it changes us. I am WAY more sensitive to movies and stories about kids and will actually avoid sad stories!

Love you and miss you!