Friday, October 16, 2009

So Big

My boy is getting SO big. He learns something new approximately every nanosecond that he is awake. I am just amazed!

I just watched him (purposely) drop his sippy cup of milk on the floor. Then he marched over to the oven and pulled off one of his washcloths. He took the washcloth to the spill and bent down to wipe it up. Apparently, one wash cloth wasn't enough because he went back for one more. Then he tried to throw the washcloth in the trash, but I'd locked him out of the pantry where the trash can is.

We hear a new word almost every day now, too. Last night he said "drink," which is how we refer to his cup and anything that he drinks. It was bedtime, but his cup was sitting on his dresser, and he wanted to finish it before bed, so he pointed and said, "drink!" He also just started saying "Off" as soon as he wakes up, because he wants me to turn OFF all the stuff in his room - fan, radio, humidifier. So sweet.

He picks up on EVERYTHING! Oh, how I love this boy. More and more every single day...even when he's pulling everything off of the counter or out of the drawers, or dumping his milk on the floor so he can fingerpaint in it, or when he's wriggling while I'm changing a poopy diaper or tugging on my pants screaming while I'm just trying to make lunch as fast as I can...I love him...


Bear said...

He's learning life skills with the wiping up. This is a precious age. When we were foster parents, we asked for the babies to 2 years.
Mama Bear

JJ said...

Yay - new posts! And quite a few of them since I last checked (you know, before I was a mom!) :-) Good to have you back!