Saturday, December 11, 2010

My New Baby

So, I was (hopefully) at the bottom of the barrel when I wrote my last post.  I was exhausted, frustrated, angry, and not feeling very loving or optimistic.  But, we seemed to have turned a corner.  Sam had a great 2 treatments at the end of the week, and he's been so much happier and not in pain. Praise the Lord!!

It's like we have a brand new baby in the house - one who doesn't cry constantly, isn't in pain, and smiles at us!  Woo hoo!  (Now, let's hope this keeps up!)

The doctor had told me that there would be ups and downs, but I never expected the "downs" to be so terrible.  I'm praying that there will only be "ups" from now on - and thankfully the chiro thinks that is the case. 

I went back to eating dairy, but I'm skipping the straight milk.  We'll see if I can tell a difference.  Sam has done so great the last 3 days that I'm not sure if it's the doctor, the milk, or both.  But, I'm hoping that this is our last week of treaments.  I'm SO ready to get our days back.  This week we have doctor's appointments  Four for Sam and one for me.  Not fun! 

It doesn't even feel like Christmas is coming b/c we've been so wrapped up in our craziness...but I'm ready to get into the spirit.  Mom and I are going to try to get some baking done tomorrow.

Thanks for your prayers and encouragement!  It helped me a lot!  Keep 'em coming! =)


Amy said...

So glad things are better! Cute pics...Sammy looks like a little chunk for only being a month old!

Good luck getting some Christmas stuff done...just enjoy the season and don't stress about it!

love you!

Band of Brothers said...

omigish they are oh, so, cute! glad things are looking up! all you need is a little hope, eh?

Love Bears All Things said...

Great photos! This brought back memories...when our son was a baby(our first) he had colic..back then they prescribed Paragoric which is like morphine(can you imagine) but riding in the car seemed to help soothe the baby so we rode around until he was asleep, then went home and put him to bed only to have him awake and crying again immediately.
I promise it will get better.
Mama Bear

Jayme said...

:) I'm glad to hear this. Gray had a huge totally giant big downward dip towards then end of his treament too. I thought I had shared that with you...maybe I hadn't. Every mom I have talked to with Dr. S said the same thing. The end had a pit. Then a rebound.
So glad to hear its better. :)
I love ya...and cute.

Carrie said...

Yea! I am so glad things are better!

Holly said...

I love the picture at the top of your blog. So cute! I can't imagine having a baby constantly crying. I can't stand it when Finn is carrying on & won't quit crying, so I give you major kudos! It WILL get better & we're saying a prayer down here in (COLD) Florida for you. :)