Sunday, December 17, 2006

One more week!

One week til Christmas! I'm done with my shopping, all but a couple small gifts are wrapped, and I even did a little art project today. I painted some wood frame ornaments that I'll put our Christmas picture in and give away. I NEVER do things like that, but I got some creative urge or something.

I also attempted to make my first pot roast today - in my crock pot. It ended up tasting ok, but it looked kind of shriveled sure didn't look like my mom's!

I have to work all week, and I'm not looking forward to that! Not only do I have to work, but I can't just hang out at my desk and have a relaxing week - I got volunteered to help with an inventory. Our plant is shut down and most people will be on vacation, but since I'm pretty new to the company, I don't have any vacation to use, so I have to work -- and take inventory!! I was hoping for easy, short days...but that won't happen for the first half of the week...maybe by Thursday.

At least I'm off from Christmas until after New Year's...something to look forward to.


Angel said...

I hope this week isn't as horribly fun as you anticipate.

Wow! Off from Christmas until after New Year's? That's awesome. Hubby doesn't even get the day after Christmas off. *sigh*

Sally said...

Well, it didn't start off great already...sometime Saturday our power went off, so I had to reset my alarm clock last night. Somehow, I set the clock for AM at 9:30 PM last when my alarm SHOULD have gone off at 6:30 AM today, the clock thought it was 6:30 PM. Confusing, I'm least I only overslept by 30 minutes, and I just put my hair up and threw on jeans and a sweatshirt since we're doing inventory today....and I'm here now. Oh joy!

Angel said...

Ohhhh that stinks! I hate when that happens.

May it get better!

shell said...

try my secret....use some martinelli's sparkling apple cider, about a cup or so, and it gives it just the right zing. it also gives the roast more moisture. and use broth instead of water....what veggies did you put in the pot?

Sally said...

Angel - he has to go back right after Christmas?? That STINKS!! I work in manufacturing, so everywhere I've worked, we shut down around the's VERY nice!

Shell - I will have to try the sparkling cider. I used water, and I put onion, potatoes and carrots in the pot. The taters got all mushy mid-way through so I pulled them out and mashed them...I just want it to come out like Mom's! Her's is great!!

Angel said...

He does. Usually he at least gets a day or so off but only Christmas this year. *sigh* We'll make the most of it. Yes, it sounds like you have an upside with that with your job.

My mom makes a pot roast that is 'to die for' and I'm still working on that. I have to make a list of the cuts of meat that roast the best. A standing rib roast is the best but is very expensive. Don't forget garlic. I'm not sure if this would add flavor to your crockpot roast but throw in a few beef bullion cubes.

DramaMama said...

Well, I thought I left a comment to this post but I guess not!

So, how did the pot roast come out!

And how did you manage all that time off without having vacation time to use! That's awesome!

Sally said...

Yeah, blogger has been acting weird, I had the same thing happen to me a couple days ago.

Hubby said the pot roast was ok, but I think he was just being nice. Of course, I do think it was better than his mom's (is that bad?) -- hers is always so dry.

Well, we have 3 holidays between Christmas and New Years and then I had 3 days of vacation -- so that covers me from Dec 25 until Jan 2. Not bad!

DramaMama said...

Lucky girl... have fun on your time off!

Angel said...


Are you being effected by the ice storms. I saw something about Kansas on the news regarding ice storms. I hope you're doing well and you and hubby are safe.

Sally said...

Thanks for the concern!

The storms are actually northwest of us - closer to the Colorado border. It's GORGEOUS in Wichita skies...45 fact, I think hubby is heading to the golf course as I type!

BIL and his fiance are coming from Colorado on Saturday, and I hope the weather doesn't effect their drive too much...It's been snowing non-stop since yesterday where they are!