Thursday, February 08, 2007

Big Whoop!

People are crowded around the TV in the lobby of our building right now, staring at the broadcast from Fox News. Why are they crowded around the TV? Because Anna Nicole Smith has died.

Wait! Stop the presses, the world may be coming to an end.

What the heck! Do people stop and gawk at the TV when reports of soldiers dying in Iraq go across the screen? Or when an Amber Alert is issued for a child? NO! But, the blonde bimbo herself kicks the bucket, and the world is ending.

Ok, maybe it’s just more from sheer curiosity and not that they think Anna is more important than other things, but that’s ALL I’ve heard as people pass by my cube…which is only a few feet from the lobby.

The poor child that she brought into this world last year…of course, the baby may be better off now. Who knows. Sorry if I sound a little callous, but I’m not exactly surprised that the playboy-bunny/TrimSpa-popper/NOT-mother-of-the-year ANS kicked the bucket…live hard, die hard.

Disclaimer: I have no sympathy today as I battle it out at work with the MOTHER of all colds.


shell said...

ah...i couldn't agree more!

DraMa said...

Um, I agree... but don't have time to elaborate.

Terry said...

Anna Nicole WHOOOOO?? This country definitely has its priorities all wrong!! A friend of mine brought it up last night. Did Ya Hear The NEWS? My response- SO!!

Sally said...

No kidding! I CAN NOT understand how this took over the news last night, and today still! We have Fox News that plays in our lobby 24/7, and it was STILL on ANS when I walked by after lunch!

Move on people!

Terry - I just checked out your blog...and I'm looking forward to reading more of it!

Angel said...

Colds are running amuck, my daughter and I have one and passed it on to my parents. egad!

As for Anna Nicole Smith.... who didn't see that disaster waiting to happen? I mean really? It's a damn shame that she had far too much money and still wasn't happy. I won't be happy she is dead, bad charma, but come on people.

Last night I saw on the news here in pittsburgh a story about a little african american girl, 24 months old. Cute as a button. Her dad got angry with her and pushed her and she fell backwards and hit her head. Instead of calling 911 the man decided to put a sweater on his child and wrap her in a towel. He walked outside where the wind chill gets to be around -8 here at night lately. He laid her in woods near his home and left her there.

She was not dead.

When they found her it was apparent that she had come to because her little foot prints could be followed until she subcumbed to the cold. Now THAT is tragic. That man should pay 10 times over for that. I cried my eyes out for that little girl!

Anna Nicole Smith wanted to die, she just did it slowly to herself, that little girl never had a chance. *sniffle* Damn stupid people.

Angel said...

btw... the little girl was found dead but when that dad left her she was still alive. He should have called authorities, be a man already!

Terry said...

Sally, hey thanks for checking out RoadRage. Stop By anytime!!