Sunday, February 18, 2007

Tagged again...

Ok, Terry from Road Rage tagged me with the 5 things your don't know about me MEME...and I'll play along even though I just did this a few days ago...but I'm really having to think hard about what I haven't blabbed already! LOL

1. In honor of Terry, I'll share this one...I used to want to be a truck driver. I thought it would be SO cool to ride so high up, drive a big truck that I had to shift into so many gears, and get to see the country as my JOB! But, I'm a homebody, and I think that's why I ultimately decided to just travel for fun, but stick close to home for work. BUT, I did get a very brief lesson driving a truck...a friend who used to be a transportation manager took me out with a tractor one day and let me drive it. It was SO fun! But, I can't imagine pulling a big long trailer behind it...through traffic and on bad roads and with crazy drivers.

2. BEFORE I wanted to drive trucks, when I was a little girl, I swore I would NEVER drive. I was terrified of it. I was in several car accidents as a kid, and that may be why I decided I didn't want to drive. I used to tell my mom that she would have to drive me around for my whole life! Of course, by the time I was 14, I couldn't wait to get my license and start driving...and now that I'm older, I don't like OTHER people to drive.

3. I'm a control freak...yes, that's why I don't like other people to drive...I'm not in control when they're behind the wheel, and I'm a nervous wreck. I've gotten better at giving up the control in all other aspects of my life...but driving is still tough for me...again, all those accidents from growing up, I think.

4. I LOVE to read. I always have. When I was in junior high, I would check out books from our church library on Sunday morning, and lay on my bed reading all afternoon until we went back to church. Hubby and I read every night before we go to sleep...he loves to read, too. In fact, one of our favorite things to do on vacation is to sit around and read...and just relax! I think we had more than 15 boxes of books when we moved last year.

5. I just figured out what my dream job is...yesterday I volunteered at an Engineeing Expo at our university here. We had a bunch of hands on displays for young kids to play with so they could learn about engineering. I have always enjoyed talking to all kinds of people, kids, adults, whatever, about engineering and what it all means, and why I chose it. I would LOVE to work for the university as a kind of recruiter. I would go to schools and talk to kids, and organize info sessions and expos so kids could learn about engineering -- especially girls. Girls aren't encouraged to go into math and sciences as much as boys, and WE NEED GIRLS!! I knew when I was a junior in high school that I wanted to become an engineer. I loved math and science...still do!


shell said...

i remember when you recruited for your first job at cp and how much you loved should totally be a recruiter. you would be great at it! and you totally got me into ie. i just suck at math so i would get too frustrated too fast....but it still totally interets me.

DraMa said...

FANTASTIC LIST!!!!! I love it!

Go for that dream job! It sounds awesome and I'm sure you would be great at it. The recruiter part.. not the truck driver:)

Terry said...

That is funny, I never in my life would have imagined being a truck driver, but here I am... Yes, the sites are good, but I would give anything to get back into my homebody status!!