Thursday, February 01, 2007

Just the facts

1. Several area churches have had one of their appliances burglarized and parts stolen from them to use as drug paraphernalia.
2. The company I work for manufactures said appliances.
3. The community I live in has NO idea that a company manufactures these appliances here in town, and the majority of people who live here use a different brand.
4. We have way more inventory than we can sell right now, thus explaining the 200+ people who are laid off right now.
5. Said company was approached (by me) with the suggestion to donate new appliances to these churches.
6. Request was immediately denied by person in charge of donations.
7. I don't get shot down easily, so I have asked someone on the next rung of the answer yet.

What the heck is this world coming to??

1 comment:

DraMa said...

is it a secret company or something? are they worried they would risk being outed if they made a donation?

If you can i would suggest maybe them giving the appliances to you or something and then you can donate them to the church saying you have a friend who works for someone that had these. I realize a company like that will still refuse because they have to play by the rules and use a real paper trail and such.. but it's worth a shot. I'm sorry about that.