Thursday, May 17, 2007


Things I miss about California
* Buying strawberries fresh from the field – and munching down on them on my way home
* REAL pizza – yummy pizza from places like Me-N-Ed’s, Rusty’s, and Klondike.
* Chicken Tacos from Baja Fresh
* The beach (and cool air) being only 2 ½ hours away
* Jamba Juice
* Making it through a 4-way stop sign without screaming at the idiots around me
* Family and friends (but that goes without saying)

Things I love about Kansas

* Blue skies
* Clean air
* White puffy clouds
* Friendly people
* Quik Trip
* Cheaper gas (but not by much anymore)
* Days like yesterday (75 degrees, slight breeze, clean air, gorgeous sky)
* Awesome neighborhood
* Family and new friends


shell said...

okay, i have to say that you can get mostly all those things in CA, depending where you live. up here in NorCal, we have the blue skies, clean air, puffy clouds and nice temperatures. oh, and some pretty nice neighborhoods as well.

but i'm intrigued about quik trip...what is that? :)

Sally said...

Quik Trip is a chain of gas station/convenience stores...they're everywhere, and they have tons of yummy snacks...all kinds of fountain drinks including flavors like cherry and vanilla to add, they have crushed and cubed ice in the fountain, and they have tons of choices of coffees and steamers to put in them (flavored steamed milk so you can make a latte for 63 cents!), and tons of candy and slurpees and more and more and more...yum!!

Terri said...

I LOVE Quik Trip. I've been to KC for work two times and discovered their fountain pop for 59 cents!!! I could not believe my eyes. I usually get a fountain pop everyday on my way home from work or at lunch and I pay $1.06. This was a steal in my opinion. :o)

Terry said...

I Love love love QT... They are all over Georgia and even have Quik Trip Truck Stops!!!

I realized how retarded I must look at the 4way stops screaming at folks who cannot hear me, so I am trying to get better control....

Paulette said...

I think it goes without saying that the California list far outweighs the Kansas list. Doesn't that seem super obvious? :) Life would just seem aimless and empty without Rusty's.

Lost In NC said...

I totally agree with all of the things that you love about both places. That is how I feel about things in NC. I have some days that are cool and other days that I want to go home to CA...