Thursday, May 31, 2007

Graduation Day

Little Man graduated from 8th grade yesterday. LM is my cousin who lives with my parents, you can read more about him here.

I’m not sure about other parts of the country, but in central California, 8th grade graduation has become a bigger deal in the last couple decades…maybe because fewer and fewer actually graduate from high school. Anyway, LM got his chance yesterday…and in the true spirit of his immediate family (parents and siblings), no one called or showed up for the ceremony or sent a gift.

The kids don’t wear a cap and gown, but they do get a little diploma. I wish we could have been there to cheer for him. Mom and Dad sat in the audience and smiled and clapped, and then they took him to the all time best pizza place around – Rusty’s! They were still chowing down on pizza and potato wedges when I called to wish The Graduate congratulations. After dinner, he was heading to the 8th grade dance. Woo hoo!

I remember my 8th grade dance, and I was feeling brave last night, so I thought I’d post a picture of me at my dance…but, I couldn’t find one…so sorry! =)

Congratulations to Little Man! I asked him if was ready to be a high school kid, and he said no, he’s just a kid…and he liked junior high…he’s enjoyed ruling the roost this year. Tough break…but he’ll do awesome in high school, I know it!

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Terry said...

You gotta love those family dynamics.... It is sad, he could not have received more family recognition...

Anyways, Congrats to the Grad!!