Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Got Freedom?

UPDATE: Let me know by the end of the day Thursday, July 12...so B can buy them on Friday.

Remember the Got Freedom shirt that B wore on Father's Day? And some of you commented that you'd be interested in one? Well, here's your chance.

The VA Canteen is selling a few of them, and B said he'd be willing to get some that we can pass on to you.

Here's the catch...they only have 2 sizes - Large and XL, and they're grey with dark blue letters. The front says "Got Freedom?" and the back will say "Compliments of a veteran." Here are a couple pictures of the lettering.

If anyone is still interested, leave me a comment. We'll sell them to you for $15 each (that will cover the cost to ship to you, also).

I can't wait to wear mine to work on Friday!


SueZQue said...

I want one!!! Size Large, please. Thank you! So it won't say Marine Corps- just Veteran? Is your week going better???

Sally said...

Yeah, B said it will just say something about veterans (I don't know the exact wording).

My week is half over -- that's the best part so far! Check out my comment on Terri's blog (http://ruddell.blogspot.com/2007/07/are-you-pleasant-or-nasty.html) today to see how my morning started!

SueZQue said...

That's fine- I still want one, please. I'll send you a check. Btw- have you cashed the other check I gave you yet???

Chelf said...

One, XL please.

Email me at mychelf@hotmail.com with info, and I will send you a check ASAP.