Monday, July 02, 2007

Patch Work

I have sustained a minor injury from a file cabinet.
Am missing a chunk of my hand. Am headed to the hospital for patch work.

The above is an email I received from my husband this afternoon…Please tell me what you all would think if you read this.

Now, I do have a tendency to overreact, especially if it involves a loved one, but I kinda freaked out when I read this. Granted, I figured hubby wasn’t in mortal trouble because he was able to type this email…but I also read “missing a chunk of my hand” and “hospital”. I tried to call his cell phone – it was turned off. I tried his desk phone – he didn’t answer. I emailed him back and asked for more info. I got the following reply:

“am ok”

What the heck?? So, there’s more to this…and I believe I’ve blogged about it before. Even if the injury isn’t that bad, B has a tendency to go into shock and PASS OUT when blood or needles make an appearance. I was afraid that might be the situation today, so…

I started making phone calls. The only phone number (other than his desk phone that he wasn’t answering) that I could find for his office is an 800 number…someone in St. Louis answered that phone and he worked very hard to route me to some nice man in Wichita, who said he knew B.

When I told this nice man why I was calling, he took my number and said he’d call me back. He called me back about 3 minutes later, and this is what he said: B had cut his finger, he had gone to the VA hospital next door to get a band aid!!! Yes, I said band aid! That punk!

Less than 2 minutes after this, I got a nasty email from B demanding to know why I had called his work and embarrassed him…may I please direct your attention back to the beginning of this post to his asinine email that I received…so, now B is pissed at me, and I’m pissed at him for throwing me into a panic…what a day. It’s Monday, and so far it SUCKS!

There are many more reasons why it sucks besides the “missing chunk of hand”, but I am not going to get into them. Instead, I will attempt to shut down my computer and head home. I need a good workout tonight!


Jana said...

HAHAHAHA!! YES, that IS my brother-in-law!

A perfect picture of your guys' relationship ;)

See you in 2 days! :)

shell said...

what a freaking punk! that is SO not cool what he did.

Chelf said...

I would have been darned sure he knew that "am ok" was NOT a suitable reply. Hospital?!?!?! He could have told you he had a boo-boo, and was going to the nurse for some magic. He chose to elaborate, so you chose to panic. His fault! Tough if it made him look like a baby at work.

I suppose that this means that he has not gotten the loving boo-boo fixing kiss at home?

Sally said...

Well, by the time I got home either B had realized how terrible he'd been to me or my mom had convinced him he'd been terrible to me...but regardless, he wasn't mad anymore. He had the bandaid on his hand, and he seemed ok, so I guess it's behind us.

I still say PUNK, though. I don't think he'll send me another email like he did least he better not!

Overwhelmed! said...

Well, I'm glad B isn't seriously injured and that you too have "made up."

Amy said...

hahaha!! i'm totally on your side on this one!

Sally 1 point
B 0 points

Terri said...

He probably thought he was being funny?!? My hubby always messes up his hands and doesn't know how he does it and I mean "chunks missing" so if I got that email I'd probably laugh. But B should've known better if he knows you at all!!

Daisy said...

Boy, that is Classic B!! But having seen Hospital B, I would have been pretty worried, too. I remember having to scrape him up off the floor of Jason's hospital room...

Sally said...

Yeah, Daisy, and that is exactly what was going through my mind!

Love Bears All Things said...

You were right to panic and I would have done the same. Men just don't get it!
Mama Bear