Friday, June 29, 2007

The "F" Word

Dinner was a lot of fun at the ‘Rents last night. When we drove up to the house, my SIL (from Texas) was taking all the kids for a walk – the 2 little ones were in the wagon, and the older girls were walking. B honked as we drove up, and our 2 older nieces turned around, saw us, and started running towards us. It was so cute! Of course, they were running across a main road to get to us...thankfully there were no cars coming, and we got BIG hugs when they got to us. They were both talking a mile a minute about the train, and the rain, and a walk, and all kinds of other things that I didn’t quite catch.

We went inside to get settled while the kids continued on their walk, and when they got back, we had to give the 1 year old his presents - y'know, it's not fair to keep a toddler waiting! He loved them, I’m so glad...I never know what to buy for little ones. And then I had some gifts for the girls (you can’t leave them out, even if it’s not their birthdays...what kind of an aunt would I be??). I had some little patriotic hair bows and rubber bands for our family reunion this weekend. They loved them, and ran to tell their moms that they got gifts, too, even though it wasn’t their birthdays. I love those kids!

Later in the evening, my two SILs pulled me into the bedroom (where we had to fight off the little girls for 5 minutes of big girl time) to tell me a HILARIOUS story from earlier in the day.

Apparently my 2 older nieces (who are cousins) were sitting at the table when all of a sudden Sweetie (named by her mother on her blog, which hasn't been updated since New Year's Day, but who's keeping track??) started screaming and putting her hands over her face saying, “Don’t tell your mom. Please don’t tell your mom...anything, but don’t tell your mom.”

All the commotion drew the attention of my SILs who stared at the wacko kids with stunned looks on their faces – trying to figure out what was going on. Sweetie was so upset that her mom took her into the other room to figure out what was going on. While her mom was chatting with her, trying to convince her that she should just ‘fess up about whatever was going on, my other SIL was trying to get the story out of her daughter, Lulu, back in the kitchen.

C asked her daughter what was going on. Lulu said, “Well, Sweetie doesn’t want me to tell you. She did something bad." "What did she do?" C asked. "She said the F word," Lulu said.

Now, these girls are 5 and 6, and the sweetest kids you’ve ever seen. I know C was shocked to hear that little cute Sweetie, her darling niece, had said the F word.

Back in the bedroom, J was still trying to convince Lulu that she would get in less trouble if she was honest than if she kept hiding her terrible sin. Finally, Sweetie said, “Mom, I said a bad word. I said the F word.”

J said, “You did. Well, what’s the F word?”

Sweetie said, “It's Fat,” {bawling and crying continues} “I said Fat. I’m so sorry!!”

By this point, J is doing all she can not to burst out laughing. We aren’t exactly sure why Sweetie thought Fat was such a bad word, but J did a great job composing herself and inserting a little lesson at the same time.

“Well, Sweetie, it isn’t nice to call someone Fat. But, I can tell you that I like my burgers FAT, and I like my pillows FAT...” {giggles are starting to come from Sweetie as she sits on the bed}

“...and you will get FAT if you eat French fries....” {giggle, giggle}

Kids...ya gotta love ‘em!


Terri said...

hilarious! we had a similar story from our house. The "s" word. I wrote about it some time ago in my blog but my kids used to think the "s" word was stupid. *snicker*snicker*...not any more!

Dapoppins said...

Fat is the newest bad word. my kids thought it was the F word too. Cute story.

SueZQue said...

How come I have to drive all the way home from KANSAS to hear this????!!!! It is cute though... :-)