Thursday, June 14, 2007


Thank you for all your comments and calls and prayers...I definitely felt God's hand on me on Tuesday. Everything has worked out, as usual, and according to God's plan...why did I ever doubt?

Tuesday was a stressful day for me, but it ended wonderfully! B and I went to Chili's for dinner, then on to the theatre...High School Musical was amazing! It was, by far, the best theatrical production I've EVER seen (of course, after next weekend, I'll have to see how it compared to Broadway). The actors (most of them under 20 years old and the majority from south central Kansas) did an outstanding job, and the music and dancing was so fun! It ended with the Wichita Collegiate Drumline rocking out with us and the cast dancing and singing a great finale.

Our local music theatre is great, and I will definitely be going back to see future productions.

Thanks again for all your prayers...they really meant a lot to me!


KingJaymz said...

I just read your post, and I prayed for you, too. Sometimes, when things aren't so rough, the real test of our faith is the flat and easy road when walking isn't so difficult that we lose sight/faith. So, even if things are resolved, I figure they weren't bad things to be praying for ^_^

Thanks for your awesome comments over at my joint, today. I'm putting you in my "panblogon," my monument to the great forces of the virtual universe (otherwise known as my "blogroll").

DraMa said...

I'm glad everything is ok... at least I hope it is!

What a nice evening you described! I have never taken in a show like that... and I live in a city full of them! It's just SOOOO expensive here.