Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scores all around!

What a busy weekend for good things to happen!

Sometime late last week, my buddy Paulette's third SIL gave birth to a little boy...that makes 2 boys and one girl added to that family in about 5 days. Wow!

Then on Friday afternoon, my best buddy Virginia gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy. He was 7 lb 2 oz, and 21" long, and what a cutie...don't ya think?

I'll even forgive the Redskins outfit, this time.

(So, to summarize the last week...there have been 5 babies born to close friends and family, 4 boys and one girl...all arrived healthy and beautiful and mamas are doing well. Praise God!)

Friday night was another home game at B's alma mater, so off we went to Small Town, KS. And did those boys play! They KILLED their opponents 50-0! It was an all out blow-out!

When I woke up Saturday morning, I grabbed the local paper to read the write-up on the game. Was it there?? Oh no! What was there was an article about how another (more wealthy, popular) school had "crushed" their opponent. What could the score be if they didn't write about the 50-0 win?? It was 21-17...now, I don't think that's "crushed," do you??

All that was said about our game was a little box of statistics on the bottom of another page. Where is the justice?? Obviously, there is none!

Saturday night, we attempted to cheer on my sister's favorite college team, but to no avail...Alabama stunk it up pretty bad...although the score was close, they didn't play so hot.

So, imagine my glee when on Sunday, MY BOYS won their first game of 2007. That's right, the mighty Chiefs pulled it out...and beat the Vikings. I don't know how self-respecting football players could wear purple anyway. It was a close game, and I still don't think they played spectacularly, but they won, and that's the bottom line. I hope this gives them the morale boost they need to turn things around...Go Chiefs!


Terri said...

hey now! my former HS, the one my kids do and will go to wear purple!!! :o)

Chelf said...

My BIL was wearing his number 31 (don't quote me on that... I am not caring) jersey shirt, and his KC Chiefs hat... and some guy at the restaurant at lunch (after changing the station so we could watch the game!) asked him what team he was rooting for. Duh!

He yells at the TV when he watches games...And it was totally cute when Jelly Bean copied daddy: "Make your TACKLES, right NOW!" She is so funny!

SueZQue said...

Chelf- my dad is the same way!!! He totally over-reacts and yells when his team is losing. And my 3 yr old niece, Taterbug, who is at the age to mimick everything she sees and hears, has started repeating what Poppie says! :-)

Sally- all the babies are cute as buttons! ;-)

Love Bears All Things said...

Well, a fan just gets carried away sometimes. I forget myself and when in a hotel room have to wonder what my neighbors think is going on. Only true football fans would understand.
Mama Bear