Friday, September 28, 2007

I'm here!

I'm in California! And would you believe that both of my flights (though Phoenix, no less) were EARLY!! I made it to Bako with no problems, and mom was waiting outside for me.

We headed straight to Me & Ed's, one of my favorite pizza places. After we stuffed our bellies so full, we came home so I could see all the remodel work my Dad has been working on non-stop since he retired a few months ago. Their house looks great!

Mom and I were tired, so we hit the hay shortly after, and now I'm sitting here, all packed for the beach and on my way to coffee with a good friend, and then over to the coast for a relaxing weekend with the girls.

See ya all later!


Christine said...

Have fun this weekend and tell everyone I say HI! Eat some clam chowda in a bread bowl for me and breathe in some sea air for me and play scattergories and use wow wow wubzy for me and quote some movies for me!

Jana said...

take some pics of the house and email them to me so i can see all dad's done! mom'll never get around to doing it! have fun at the beach!

shell said...

oooh! what beach are you going to? i'm SO jealous!!! and hey! when are you coming to visit me?

Love Bears All Things said...

Have a good time with the girls and enjoy visiting your mom.
Mama Bear

abbagirl74 said...

Have so much fun that you bust at the seams! I hope the beach is a good time. Fill us in when you can!

Christine said...

Congrats Sally!;)