Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Back to Work?!

Yes, I had to get up and go to work today, and it sucked! After such a great LONG weekend and trip, it was nearly impossible to drag myself out of my comfy bed. But, here I, obviously I'm not working. Oh least I'm here!

Even though this trip was 2 days longer than my last one, it went by just as fast. Where does the time go??

Our girls weekend away was wonderful. One of our buddies volunteered to cook for ALL 9 of us all weekend! Even though we wondered what had come over her, we were absolutely thrilled to eat her yummy gourmet cooking all weekend long. Making decisions about food in a group of 8 or 9 people is like making decisions about world peace in our group -- NOT EASY!

We woke up on Saturday morning to a gorgeous day! The sun was shining, the air was cool and clear, the sky was blue, and there wasn't a cloud in sight. We ate breakfast on the deck, and this was our view...

After a leisurely morning, we got dressed and headed into San Luis for lunch and shopping. After we parked the cars, we walked out of the garage to find 5 interesting folks occupying the bench on the street. We couldn't resist taking pictures with them.

I have no idea WHY they were sitting there with black suits, masks, and newspapers, but we didn't care. Hey, it's SLO - a college town - anything is possible!

After dinner that night, we were sitting around with full bellies, trying to decide what to do with the rest of our evening when the power went out. We scrambled around looking for candles and matches, and while Amanda was next door bugging the young firefighters for some matches (actually, she went over there SEVERAL times asking for things...hmm, what's up with that?), we found a lighter and lit all the candles in sight. The beach house took on a wonderful glow, and we spent the rest of the night talking, dozing, and eating cookie dough. Yum! I was a little sad when the power came back on, but by then we were pretty pooped, so most of us turned in early. Proof that we are not as young as we think we are!

Sunday morning was our usual routine for the end of the weekend. Get up, clean up, and head home. It was only then that I realized we had taken almost no pictures (except for our group photo that I don't have yet). So, out came the camera for snapshots while we were loading up.

Here are Amanda and Marge trying, not so successfuly, to pull the heavy trashcan up the driveway.

2 of our buddies, Agnes and Paulette, are sporting cute bellies right now, so we had to get a shot of that.

BUT, that's not all the preggers buddies...there are 3 right's the whole group. When these babies are born, there will be 19 kids, 10 buddies, and 10 husbands...crazy!

So, did you catch that? That's me in the middle of the photo above. =) One of the fun things I got to do on my trip was to FINALLY let the cat out of the bag about the bun in my oven (hey, that was kinda fun to type). I'm 10 weeks along, and I've known for a while, but we wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while. But, now we're ready for the world to know. I'd appreciate all your prayers for a healthy baby and a healthy pregnancy.

Ok, back to the weekend...Mom and I met a bunch of my old co-workers and their families at a local Pizza and Brewery on Sunday afternoon. It was fun to watch my Chiefs kick the Chargers butts AND visit with some old friends. Again, I forgot to pull the camera out, so I don't have pictures of everyone and their ever-growing kids. Dinner was great, and I got to spill the beans again.

Monday was my last day in CA, so I visited a girlfriend in the morning, had another fix of Jamba Juice, ate lunch with mom, did a little shopping (oh, and had a George's Special - it's chocolate ice milk with chocolate syrup, bananas and walnuts all mixed into a yummy milkshake...ooh baby!), and then Mom and I ordered take-out Chinese for dinner because we were SO tired.

I had to get up at 4am to catch my 6am flight home yesterday. I'm glad to be home, but the trip was way too short! Oh, how I wish for unlimited vacation days!

All in all, it was a great weekend...only to end with the inevitable...back to work.


SueZQue said...

Glad your trip went well! And can't wait for that little one to get here so me & Uncle G will have 8 little ones to spoil! :-)

abbagirl74 said...

Congratulations on the baby!!!!! WooHoo!!!!!

shell said...

did you know you were preggers when i came to visit? i might have to secretly cry a little if that was true...hehheheh.

i'm so happy for you! yipeeeeee!

Sally said...

Thanks, guys!

Shell - no, I didn't know when you were fact, I wasn't even pregnant yet! Believe me, it was HARD to keep it in.

Jana said...

yay that people know now!! :) glad you had fun in cali! i still have to check my email for those pics. . .

Terri said...

SWEET! that is just awesome news, I'm so happy for you guys. Have you been sick? Maybe this news explains why you were so regular in your posting and then in the last few weeks you were kinda quiet. Glad that cat is outta the bag. Now we can talk baby! I so wish I could have blogged through my pregnancies.

Terry said...

OOooohhh Sally.. that is the most wonderful news!! CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope you will blog like crazy during your first pregnancy..

Chelf said...


Now I have to plan a trip to Wichita. My little friend Ani will make you want to have 3 or more kids. (Her little sis Ele will make you wonder if you really want any at all. Just kidding.)

I hope that things go well for you. Keep us posted!

Jenni said...

Congratulations! Good for you for keeping it to yourselves for a while. I always wanted to do that--have time to get used to the idea and get really excited before telling anyone--but it never worked out that way. Danny just can't keep a secret when it's a good one.

It sounds like you had a great trip! I'm glad those 5 people in masks were not getting ready to rob a bank as they might not have appreciated having their picture taken. Now why are there no pictures of the cute, young firemen?

Paulette said...

1. I think those guys were wearing the masks so that hot girls would come by and ask to sit on their laps to take pictures.

2. Do you realize that Saturday night we went to bed at 11pm? And that was the group of us who had actually stayed awake. I accused Bethany of being unable to set a clock because I was so sure that it must be at least 2 in the morning. You snoozers must have started passing out at 9! We are old!

Paulette said...

3. 19 kids? Are you freaking kidding me?!

Marge said...

Since you had the nerve to post that ridiculous picture of me and Amanda with the trash can, may I just point out, you engineer, that we were trying to PUSH that can up the driveway, not PULL it??? :)

Love Bears All Things said...

Mama Bear