Friday, October 05, 2007

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Terri totally called me on the rug...I've been staying away from my blog for the last few weeks so that I wouldn't spill the beans. But, now that they're spilled, I have no reason to keep away.

There may be some out there who will think what I'm about to share is TMI (my hubby, for one), but I think there are a few of you who won't think that, and so what, it's my blog, right?? =)

Anyway, I'm finishing up week 11 of my pregnancy. And I'm feeling GREAT, except that I still have to go to work every day, and that in itself is enough to make someone feel nauseated. I've been one of the lucky ones who has had very little nausea. Several weeks ago, I was feeling a little ill in the mid-morning, but a little snack high in carbs and fat seemed to cure that...but not donuts, they made me feel worse! For the last couple weeks, I've felt really good...and, knock on wood, I haven't thrown up once!

I am, however, exhausted! Every afternoon, I slump down in my chair at my desk and just try to keep my eyes open. All I want to do is run home and crawl into bed. And sometimes as soon as I can leave work that's exactly what I do. B will come home and find me curled up on the basement couch and poke and prod at me to make sure I'm still breathing. But, here's the funniest thing. If I can drag my butt to the gym right after work, even though I'm exhausted, I feel a whole lot better than if I let myself go home and veg. So, my goal is to make it to the gym as many days as possible. Of course, my 5 workouts a week is down to about 3, but that's still not bad.

Next week I head back to the doctor, with B this time, and we will get to hear the heart beat! I'm also going to BEG the doctor for another sonogram. We had one at 6 weeks, and I think she will make me wait until 20 weeks for the next one unless I beg.

B is so cute about all this. He gets a little queasy when I read to him from my books, but he's getting better. Every week I read a chapter about how the baby is developing, and each week there's a picture of what the kid looks like. Now B leans over to see the picture. This week we learned that it's no longer an embryo, it's a fetus, and it's the size of a small plum. Early on we were calling it a tadpole because it had a tail (who knew??), but now B calls the baby "Little Major." See, we were watching ESPN and there's this dude on there who's first name is Major. I think that's kinda weird, but B LOVES now he wants to name our kid Major (for some reason, we both feel like it will be a boy). I joked back with him and said what if he goes into the military and becomes a major, do we call him Major Major?? B can call the kid Little Major for now (and maybe that will become his blogging name), but I'm not so keen on that for a real name.

When I found out I was pregnant, I told B by giving him a gift I had bought MONTHS ago - a shirt and hat that say Rookie Dad. Well, about 2 weeks after I gave him this gift, and about 4 weeks sooner than we planned to tell ANYONE - even family, B walks upstairs to get ready for birthday dinner at his parents' house, and he tells me he wants to wear his shirt and hat to dinner. I was floored!! I'm the one who has a problem keeping secrets, so I couldn't believe that he was the one who wanted to spill the beans. But, I was ecstatic, so of course I agreed.

When we got to the 'Rents, his mom and my SIL were on the phone in a very serious we ended up having to coach them to look at his shirt. MIL was so confused for a minute, and then she was so excited. She ran into her craft room and came back with a gift for B...a pillow that says "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a Dad." How sweet! Who knows how long she'd had it for, but she had to give it to him right away.

We took pictures of ourselves that day and sent them to the rest of the family. My SIL in CO figured it out right away, my very pregnant sister needed some help, and my Mom got it right away, but I had to call her to get her to check her email. Needless to say, the entire family is excited for us!


Terry said...

Hey Darling.. I am very excited for you too.. This almost brings a tear to my eye.. Something that i will probably never go through.

I had a friend tell her husband by giving him a gift as well. It was on his birthday and she gave him a box filled with baby items....

I like it!(for the blog, anyways) Little Major, that should totally be his bloggy name!!

shell said...

that is a darling photo of you and b. i also agree that litte major should be his blog name. ;) xoxo

abbagirl74 said...

I kind of like the name Major, but perhaps spelled Majer?

Jana said...

okay . . . IN MY DEFENSE . . . anybody who KNOWS your husband at all, knows that if they saw that picture they'd be more preoccupied w/ the fact that he let you take a picture of you guys kissing AND then send it out to people and not what stinkin shirt the boy was wearing!!

oh, and dan and i are calling the kid "dirt" :)

Paulette said...

So fun! We're so excited for you!

So funny about your "Major" comment because the mom of a kid in Ella's class just told me how her boys' middle names were after Texas (I think? perhaps some college team?) football players and one of the names is MAJOR! Evan Major is his name. Maybe B can have a chance of getting it in there for the middle name?

Terri said...

yea! these are the kinds of posts I'm looking forward too. The gift was a great one and it's great everyone is so excited. I had pregnancies just like what you are experiencing; very little sickness, but major (haha) exhaustion. But you should be headed uphill now for the next few months and shouldn't feel the tiredness again until the very end. Congrats again!

Tim said...
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rachel said...

Congratulations from Italy! :)

Jenni said...

Awww! That pic is so sweet:o) Please don't name that kid Major if your last name is Payne. And if it's a girl, don't name her Chesty, 'kay?

Love Bears All Things said...

This is a precious time as the two of you discover all the firsts of parenthood. Keep the posts coming. You need to tell us all of it.
Mama Bear