Thursday, October 18, 2007

Add 3 more to the list!

Remember when I wrote about the gazillion people my sis and I know who have had or will have babies within a year time period?

Well, add 3 more to the list!

(Oh, and by the way, that original total included me, even though I hadn't told you yet.)

I got a birth announcement from my best buddy from freshman year in HS that she had her second, a cutie little girl a couple months ago. I didn't even know she was pregnant! We've have lost touch a bit, and we usually just send cards a couple times a year.

THEN, my buddy at the gym, who I hadn't seen in several weeks, told me this week that she's preggers and about 6 weeks behind me. This will be her second.

AND finally, yesterday, one of my good friends called, and after we played email and phone tag for a few hours, she told me that she's pregnant and exactly one week behind me! This will be #2 for her, also. This announcement is really special to me because I was her maid of honor, and she was in my wedding, also. She miscarried earlier this year, so this pregnancy is a wonderful thing.

Whew! And they call us Gen X...we may need to change that to Baby Boomers 2!

I had my second sonogram on Tuesday. It was so much better than the 6 week, those kids grow fast! We could see fingers and a head and the kid was moving all over. It was amazing!

B had taken the day off to go with me, and then to do some stuff around the house...and I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I played hooky. I was such a good kid when I was in school - I NEVER ditched. Well, maybe once in a while in college, but never in HS...but Corporate America just does something to me. Ya gotta get out!

Our appointment was first thing in the morning, so after we got home, B headed out to work in the yard, and I sat down to read the paper and relax. I went to the gym at noon, came home and visited with my neighbor for a bit, and then relaxed some more. B was even able to get some relaxing in...and Lucy felt like he needed company.

We headed out to dinner at a wannabe Mexican restaurant (they're all wannabe around here), then over to Kohl's to take advantage of 80% off sales. I started my collection of maternity clothes...I got 3 shirts, a pair of workout shorts, and a pair of yoga pants all for $35! Not bad!

Too bad I had to come back to work yesterday. I hate that I count the days to the more to go!


shell said...

all i can say is awwwwww!!!

oh, and is it organic girl that is preggers?!

Sally said...

Yep, it's organic girl.

Jana said...

who the heck is organic girl? i'm sitting here trying to sort through your cryptic messages to figure out which friends you're talking about and i'm at a loss, but completely curious. also, why does b's arm look like it's been amputated in that pic?? is he sleeping w/ his arm INSIDE his shirt??? weird-o!

shell said...

jana, organic girl is um....your friend from fraiser park...who lives near sactown....does that help?

SueZQue said...

Hey- what gives?!? Doting aunt couldn't even dote! She didn't get the pics... :-) Uncle G spared me & forwarded them.

Sally said...

Yes, Jana...he was sleeping w/ his arm inside his shirt. He does that sometimes...weird. I always tell him to just get a blanket, but you can't tell a Marine anything!

Jana said...

yes, my bro-in-law is weird. course, i knew that the day i met him! :) thanks, shell for the clues . . i figured it out. i hate all these nicknames on here! too stinkin confusing. it's like jr. high inside jokes, ya know? if you're on the outs . . . you're ON THE OUTS!

Love Bears All Things said...

Now wasn't there some question about twins?
Mama Bear

Amy said...

actually...make that 4 :-)