Monday, October 15, 2007

20 years

Hubby graduated from high school 20 years's a long time. I graduated from 7th grade when he was graduating from high school. What a cradle robber he is! =)

His 20th high school reunion was a week ago. I think I was more excited about going than he was. My class had 550 kids in it, and I don't keep in touch with a single one. My 10 year reunion was a total bust - everyone reverted back to their high school cliques as soon as we got there, and only about 50 of my classmates (out of 550!) showed up. I decided then that I will never go to another one of my reunions again...that was $100 down the drain.

B's class, on the other hand, had only 60 kids. More than 75% of them have stayed within 30 miles of their small hometown - some are still in the same town. About 30 of them showed up at the reunion. B saw people he hadn't seen since high school...of course, all of them said the same thing, "I ran into your mom a few months ago, and she said you were..." It was really funny. We spent the night eating yummy BBQ, chatting it up, and drinking water. Well, I was drinking water...I was downing it by the glassful since I couldn't have a beer or a glass of, did that stink!

Thank goodness B's good buddy brought his girlfriend, otherwise I would have sat there all myself all night, since B was busy reminiscing with his old friends. "Remember that game when we score the touchdown in the last 3 seconds?" "Remember when Joe Bob wrecked his 1972 Camaro on the dirt road?" "Remember when you won Basketball King?" It was too much for me...and I had NEVER seen my husband be so social.

But, that wasn't the end of it...the socialness, that is...ever since the reunion, all week last week, B has been on the phone (he HATES the phone) or on email with about 5 of these guys. I'm getting a little scared...I smell a mid-life crisis coming on. Over the weekend, we went to the high school football game with one B's buddies. I was feeling like crap, the home team was losing, and pregnancy hormones kicked in BIG TIME. To sum it up, I was not a nice person. I made us leave in the middle of third quarter when we were losing 49 to 0...and then B and I argued the whole way home.

Then on Saturday night, he went out to dinner with another guy who hadn't been able to make it to the reunion. B left at 6 and said he'd be home before too long. At 8:15 he called to say they were going to a movie. I broke down (by the way, how many crazy episodes can I blame on being pregnant??). It's not that we had big plans for that night, but I was sitting at home alone, expecting him to walk in the door anytime. As it turned out, he didn't get home til 1am...and I was awake, and we argued again. This made for a really lovely, not really.

Thankfully, we patched things up yesterday...more so because I was tired of fighting than anything else. I'm glad he's found some buddies again, but I'm a little nervous that they're not exactly the kind of buddies that he needs. I was hoping that we'd get involved in a Bible Study and our friends would come from there. I still hope that happens, but in the meantime, I need to trust B. He was always the good kid growing up, so I have no reason to suspect he'd be any different now. I'm just not used to seeing my husband be the social type. Weird!

Here's a picture of the guys at the reunion (B is in the middle, and the other 2 guys are 2 of his best friends from growing up - they've been friends since kindergarten!). I need to scan some photos of them 20 years's hilarious!!


SueZQue said...

At least you had someone to chat with- and could actually hear to chat. G's reunion in Sept. was so loud (karaoke night) that I coudn't hear a word going on around me- I sat and texted my brother all night! :-)

shell said...

your reunion sounds a lot like how mine was and b's sounds a lot how hubby's was. (except ours were both our 10th) anyhow...i think you should be happy that b has friends to be social with. i'm sure they'll be good boys even if they aren't from a church group. :-)

Chelf said...

I am getting a little jealous that my DH has new Football buddies. He has never really had friends since we left college. I don't know whether to be happy, or upset.

You can blame anything and everything on Pregnancy hormones, until you are done being pregnant. Especially at the first, when you are getting used to all the changes. :-)

Love Bears All Things said...

He is becoming a Daddy. Maybe he is thinking he has to grow up now.
Seriously, he probably just wants to replay old times a little more.
Mama Bear