Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I've heard that pregnancy brings out the wacko weird dreams...and I completely believe it. I've remembered all of them so least I remember them when I first wake up. It wasn't until the doozy I had last night did I think about blogging about it. Of course, I can only remember 2 of them now. Oh well, that should be enough.

Last week I had a dream about mine and my sister's new babies. Sis is due in 2 weeks, and I'm not due for almost 6 months, but in my dream, we were due at the same time. But, I had my baby one day, and the next day Sis went into labor. She was very calm and took everything in stride, as she always does. But the weird part is that when her baby was born - just hours after mine - my baby was running around saying "my cousin, my cousin, my cousin is here!" Yes, my baby was running and talking at only a few hours old...what a genius!

Last night I had an even weirder dream. We were living in my hometown, and next door to my parents house was an empty lot. Next to the lot was an ordinary every-day middle class house. And Jennifer Anniston and Brad Pitt lived in it! Yes, they were together and had a kid or two and lived in a regular house. They always had tons of people over and everyone was welcome. We started hanging out over there and became friends with them. They were just normal people...but they had a HUGE garage under their house and had a bunch of cars. Nothing fancy, but a bunch of cars. Weird!

Makes me wonder what's next? And it's amazing that I dream at all, or remember them, since I'm awake every hour because I can't get comfortable or because I have to pee...or both.


SueZQue said...

My friend, who had her 2nd baby a month ago, called me to tell me about a dream she had. She dreamt that I was pregnant at the same time she was, and I had twins- in La Junta! Yikes!!! :-0

Valley Girl said...

Woah. I have weird dreams as it is. Wonder what mine will be like when I'm preggers?