Thursday, May 22, 2008

My Buddy Visits!

Last week my good Buddy Marge came to visit me and meet Lil Major. We had so much fun! Marge has been my friend since high school, and she is one of my 9 Buddies. We have always been friends, but a few years ago, we got even closer. After being friends for over 15 years, we still found ways to learn more about each other and to become even closer. We have spent HOURS and HOURS playing cards, shopping and drinking cocktails. And what do ya know? We even found time to do all three of those things while she was here last week. =)

Since there is a newborn in my life now, this visit was a little different from past visits between Marge and I. We were slow going in the morning and completely on Lil Major's schedule. My house was a disaster, and Marge was so kind as to clean my kitchen on afternoon while I fed the baby. And it wasn't until our visit was almost over that we realized that we hadn't taken any pictures. I did manage to get a couple of her with the baby, but we don't have one of us together. Stink!

We had a great time, and I was sad to see her go home. I miss you Marge! I'm so glad we got some Canasta in while you were here...even if you kicked my butt!!

When Jayme and I went to CA in March, she got to meet most of my buddies, so it was fun for Jayme to come over and hang out with Marge and I. It was Addy's last day of kindergarten, so just Jayme and Ellie came over. And what fun did we have. Jayme and Ellie made homemade whole wheat pretzels for all of us. Yum yum!! They're all gone, so I think Jayme needs to come back and make some more for us.


Band of Brothers said...

aw, good to see gorgeous Marge grace your blog:)

Paulette said...

I'm so jealous Marge got to meet your little guy!

Oh and your nieces could not be any cuter!

abbagirl74 said...

Looks like all is well! Good for you!