Monday, May 19, 2008

Our Monday

It's hard for me to remember what day of the week it is...and today is worse than normal because we didn't go to church yesterday and because The Colonel is on vacation this week. But, it's Monday, and it shows.

For the last week, my beloved boy had been getting fussier and fussier, and feedings are painful for both of us. Finally, yesterday we decided we had to do something, so after yet another almost sleepless night, I got up at 8am and called the pediatrician begging for an appointment this morning. They were able to fit us in at 8:45, which gave us 35 minutes after I got off the phone to get everyone up, dressed and out the door.

What we found out is that Lil Major has reflux. It's not uncommon for babies his age or for boys, but he hasn't had the classic symptom of spitting everything up (I'm thankful for that!) -- he just gets very upset when he's laying down or nursing (and what do babies do 85% of the time?!).

The nurse practitioner told us that we need to use the bulb to suction his nose (I've been avoiding that, because I'm scared to do it) and she prescribed some Zantac for the acid. We stopped and filled the prescription on the way home, drove through McD's for breakfast, came home to feed the boy, and then I was back out the door for my 6 week check at my doctor. Whew! Thank goodness The Colonel is off this week, so I didn't have to take Lil Major or worry about his next feeding (I LOVE my pump!).

At my doctor, I learned that my BP has come down to better levels (yay!!), and that I've healed well and everything looks great. She still wants me on my meds for another couple weeks to make sure it stays down. I'm praying for that!

I had a few errands to run after that - Babies R Us (I think I live there now) and the grocery store - and then I came home to relieve The Colonel so he could go run his errands.

Now, Lil Major and I are resting and trying to stay cool (where did this 90 degree weather come from??).

Here's my sweet angel, all 10 pounds of him!! (Obviously reflux hasn't affected his ability to grow -- bye bye newborn diapers!)

And here is how his daddy put his clothes back on him after his diaper change:


M&C said...

I'm sorry to hear he has reflux... Samuel had/has it pretty bad as well. The medicine made a HUGE help after a week or so. We eventually switched to Prevacid. He is now 8 months tommorrow, and I think we are about done with the medicine... I have skipped a couple of days without realizing it, and he doesn't seem upset at all! It was a lifesaver! He still barfs a lot, but it doesn't involve screaming, so I can deal with that for now! :)

suezque said...

Poor baby- hopefully the medicine will work, and maybe you'll both get a little more rest now! Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!!! :-)

Agnes said...

Poor least they are able to tell what it is and do something about it. Hopefully it will help.

I'm SO glad your BP went down. Hopefully it will stay that way! And how fun to have B home this week. I will call you...but maybe not today. My MIL is coming in a bit so I can go to the gym and I need to get Hudson fed and asleep!

Jayme said... wonder.

And Neal STILL dresses the girls funny. I often find them with their dresses or shirts on backwards or inside out or something. Boys.

Eliza said...

Yeah, I can't tell you how many times I've come home with Micah not even dressed (in pjs all day) or his onesie totally unbuttoned or completely mismatched. I'm sure that's why I like the rompers - no matching. That way nobody can get it wrong!

Chelf said...

I love the new picture at the top!

Lil Major is so cute, it doesn't matter that he is dressed crookedly. At least the Colonel helps. Lots of men don't.

Band of Brothers said...

heehee the crooked onesies are all too familiar a sight round here:) sorry to hear about the reflux--glad he's getting help though. maybe things will get way easier for you now. a fussy baby is sooo stressful and would raise anybody's bp--thankfully your bp is doing ok.

Sally said...

The medicine is definitely helping. We've had a couple much better days. The weird thing (but good) is that he doesn't throw up, just screams because he's in pain.

Marge said...

I'm so glad you got some answers!! Hope it helps.

You would have to say McDonalds. I came home from my 5 am step class ravishing. This banana is not tasting anything like McD's!

I laughed when I saw that second pict of Lil Major. Hilarious!