Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kim's Parents

I just realized that I've talked about how strong my in-laws were through this whole thing, but I neglected to tell you about Kim's parents.

Kim was the oldest of 2 kids. She has a younger brother who is married and has 3 adorable little girls. Kim always lived close to her parents, and she had a very close relationship with them and with her brother.

Until last weekend, we didn't even have contact info for Kim's family. That made it extremely difficult to let them know what had happened. But, after they knew, they decided to get in the car and drive to Kansas. And they decided to bury Kim with Gary, even though their family normally cremates. And they decided to bury Kim in Kansas, when they really wanted her close to them in Colorado.

And before they got in their car and drove to Kansas, they did several things that mean so much to me. Gary and Kim had been bringing homemade peanut brittle for The Colonel. Kim's dad has this amazingly simple, but so yummy, recipe that he makes, and The Colonel loves it. Well, Kim was bringing some for The Colonel, and since it didn't make it, her dad made some more and brought it with them. The fact that they made the drive at all shows how strong they are. Kim's dad isn't in good health, and has to be on oxygen, but he got in the car and made the uncomfortable trip here.

On their way into town, they stopped at the tornado site and picked up the remnants of the gifts Gary and Kim were bringing for Lil Major. And once they were in town, they went shopping to replace some of the items for Lil Major that had been lost. Amazing!

We've decided that her parents will be a third set of grandparents for Lil Major. You can never have too many grandparents!


Char said...

Ok, just when I thought I was done crying - I found more tears. And I know I keep saying it, but THANK YOU for posting this. Kim's parents have been on my heart and in my mind all week long. I am in awe of them - the peanut brittle, the gifts for Lil Major. Yes, amazing is definitely the word for it.

Laura said...

I"m so glad you postedt this. It was wonderful to meet the people who had raised such a wonderful daughter. I wish I would have been able to do more than blubber all over the place when I was introduced to them. I'll have to write a card and express to them what I wanted to say Wednesday but was unable to.

Agnes said...

I am crying. What amazing, unselfish people. Lil Major is lucky to have them as grandparents.

Joyce said...

This is a neat post. I was glad to meet them, too, and wish I had gotten to spend a little more time with them. I am so amazed at the care they have shown for all of Gary's family when they had to be so overwhelmed with their own grief.

*Hugs* and Blessings to you!

Band of Brothers said...

i know it's already been said, but what incredible, selfless people. wow.

Carrie said...

You are doing an amazing job at honoring Kim and Gary through your words. Your posts are beautiful and I am sure they are a blessing to many! I continue to pray for you and all of your family!

Rach said...

Unbelievable. Such selfless generosity in the midst of their own pain. Amazing. I pray that I would be like them.

Jayme said...

These are good pictures. :)

I miss them.

Chelf said...

That was the hardest part of the funeral for me... watching her dad weep, and still being able to say, "We want Kim near us, but I can't take her, and leave Gary here alone."

I gave her brother a hug, not knowing what else to do or say.

I told you and Jayme, I wouldn't have missed it. I couldn't have missed it. You all mean so much to me.

Scott, Lorie & Henry said...

I'm crying again. And I had a hard time finishing my sandwich because of the lump in my throat.

He gives and takes away Sally.

But yes, BLESSED be His name.

Love to you all.

LaughingLaura said...

Being "local," I had a chance to get to know Kim's family over the past couple years. You said it so well, Sally, they really are just amazing people. They were actually one of the reasons I made the LONG trip out to KS for the funeral... I wanted to be there for them b/c I knew that since their family is much smaller and farther away that they wouldn't have as much support.