Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Please stop this emotional rollercoaster, and LET ME GET OFF!

After the events of last week, I'm ready for some normalcy and happy days. And I've had a little bit of that...but there are still sad things happening. Just when you're ready to poke your head out of the clouds, more sad news comes your way. Let me enlighten you...and I will save the AWESOME news for the end of this post...so we end on a happy note.

1. If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know the issues and concerns with my brother...well, those issues are back again as the 3 month cycle has started again. Stink!

2. When The Colonel and I were first married, we lived in East Texas, and we met some great friends. The hubby started work with The Colonel on the same day, and I became good friends with the wife. They have 2 adorable kids - twins, a boy and girl. We've gone on family vacations with them and traveled to see them as they've moved around the country, and they've come to see us. We found out on Monday that the wife has been having an affair for over a year and is moving out of the house this week. The kids are devestated, and we're in shock. What the heck was she thinking??

Now, on to the better stuff...

We KNEW that good was going to come out of this tragedy my family has been through. I just didn't expect it to happen so quickly.

My good friend Daisy called me yesterday. She had been riding in the car with her oldest daughter (5) and talking on her cell phone about what my family has been through. When she got off the phone, her daughter started asking questions - about tornados, about what happened, why was everyone sad? Daisy told her that yes, we're sad, but we're also happy because Gary and Kim had Jesus in their hearts and they're in heaven now. Well, her daughter said that she wanted Jesus in her heart! And they pulled over on the side of the road, and she became a child of God's...my sister! Praise the Lord! Through this tragedy, a new Christian was born!

Another good thing, OF GOD, that I found out today is that Mia, who I posted about here (last paragraph), is doing amazingly well. Praise God for answered prayers. You can read the latest about her here.


shell said...

oh, no. i'm so, so sorry about your brother. :( i just don't know what else to say...

and your friends...how awful for the family. how old are the children? are they still living in texas?

but how incredably wonderful about daisy's daughter.

Sally said...

The kids are 11, and they live in Illinois now. I was hoping to see them when I go to Indy in a few weeks, but I'm not sure how that will work now.

Agnes said...

I'm so sorry about your brother.

That's awesome about Daisy's daughter. I think I know who Daisy is, but I'm not 100%.

Thanks for calling me on Sunday. I've been meaning to call you back but things have been a bit crazy around here. Maybe tomorrow? I finally got around to updating about the rest of our trip...

Agnes said...

I have to admit that it's kind of weird that your Live traffic feed knows I'm in Driggs. Technology is crazy.

Jayme said...

He is good. Well said sister.

And you are going to INDY? I didn't know this!!!!!

:) Tell me all tomorrow.

Char said...

I hear you on the roller coaster - I've been thinking for about six years now that the roller coaster would slow down SOON. Yeah, still waiting on that one! :-)

I'm sorry about your brother and your friends in Texas. I've been there, done that (cept it wasn't ME having the affair - it was my ex husband).

Thanks for sharing the good news about Daisy too!

Hugs to you today!!

Laura said...

I've been praying for your brother (I meant to ask you about him when we were in KS and didn't do it). I'll KEEP praying!

I'm sure you are devastated with the news of your friend's affair. GRR! I'm so sorry to hear about that and will pray for her and for her family.

And...yes...good things are just going to keep coming from the loss of Gary and Kim, just like with Daisy's daughter! Thanks for sharing that with us!

Niki said...

I've been thinking about you friend. You are still in my prayers. I know the roller coaster feeling too. Thanks for sharing the happy news at the end - you were right, it was nice to end on a positive note. :)

Going to Indy? I'm jealous! I have some really great friends there from when we were youth ministers at a church there from 1999-2003. Have a great time Sally.

Jody said...

God works in amazing ways. Good for your friend's daughter!

And I am sorry to hear about your brother. I pray for them often.

shell said...

i left you something on my blog. :-)

Chelf said...

I think it is awesome that God touched your friend's daughter's heart!

I hope your trip to Indy will be good.

Continually praying for you!