Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Day 2 Continued

I know I'm way behind. I'm actually home now and our vacation to Indy is over. And I just realized that I'm probably supposed to return to work next week. Whatever. I AM NOT ready, and I still haven't made an absolute decision about what I'm going to do (actually, I'm still waiting to hear from my two possibilities).

Anyway, I will catch you up on the rest of our vacation, starting with some more fun pictures from Day 2, courtesy of my sister's camera.

During one of our several stops on the way to South Bend (for the youngest member of the family), Papa took Captain on a nature walk.

These 2 photos are for Agnes...we passed an antique car club, and look what we saw!

MA's oldest son has cerebral palsy, and he is just the cutest little boy. He LOVES to play with his daddy!

The whole clan (minus MA's hubby who took the picture)


Agnes said...

Cool...I love it! We're impressed by your in motion photos.

We've looked around for cool Hudson gear for the boy's room but haven't found anything too great that is somewhat reasonable...

Amy said...

what?!?! work? okay...more on that please...are you not going back whether or not you hear back on the other opportunity?