Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 4 - take a breath

By the 4th day of our vacation, we were all exhausted. We needed a down day - nowhere to rush off to, no schedule to follow, just some time to rest. Mom and Jana hit the stores while Dad and I stayed home with the babies. We watched some Baby Einstein, played some Wii, ate too many mint oreos, and enjoyed the relative calmness.

The Captain was exhausted, too...

Getting some cousin time...

That is, until I tried to load up my little one to go visit a friend just before afternoon rush hour would have started. We made it about a quarter of the way to her house before I was on the phone to the pediatrician to change Lil Major's medicine, and then I called my friend and said I couldn't make it...she could hear the screaming in the background and understood completely. I made a U-Turn, stopped for some much needed caffeine (and a rest from the car seat for the boy) and returned to my sister's house before I imploded.

My BIL made some awesome cajun chicken pasta for dinner and we just hung out. We were saving our energy for our tour of downtown Indy the next day.


Agnes said...

The car part doesn't sound fun. Is Lil Major okay? What was wrong?

I can't wait to see the cousin photos. Hudson's picts that Amanda took are up on her website...I think there are some cute ones!

Sally said...

He just doesn't seem to like his car seat anymore...either that, or you have to make sure he's got ALL the gas out of him or he get uncomfortable and starts screaming. I dont blame him - I woulodn't want to be strapped into one of those things!

I LOVE the pics of Hudson. My very favorite ones are of him in the hat and overalls. Did you get peed on in all those nakey ones? =)