Saturday, June 28, 2008

Day 5 - tourists

Our vacation was coming to an end. The 2-day, 12 hour drive home was coming up quickly. But, we still had more to do. My brother drove down from WI, and we met up with him in downtown Indy to see the sites.

My sister assured us that parking would be a breeze since NO ONE goes downtown on Saturday. Little did we know that there was a huge PBS in the Park thing going on. There were rumors that Clifford and Elmo were somewhere among us, but we never saw them. We managed to find parking w/o too much trouble, and we ignored the park festivities (our kids are too young, anyway) in order to see the monuments on the circle. It was kind of overcast, and storms were predicted for the afternoon, so after walking around the circle, getting some ice cream, and a quick tour of the mall, we headed back to the car...but not before we were in the middle of a downpour.

Luckily for us, downpours don't last long (usually) in the midwest, so we ducked into a doorway to wait it out.

Who's glasses are those??

After enjoying the outdoors for as long as we could, we headed back to the house for, you guessed, more Wii. Wii are addicted!

And because we still had much to accomplish before we left at noon the next day, my sister gave in and acted like her big sis (me!) by making a list. One of the most important things on that list was the cousin photoshoot...more on that to come!


Daisy said...

You sure are more of a trooper with your firstborn/newborn than I was. Way to go. And your brother looks great in the first pic... in a "normal" phase right now? Good for him.

Jana said...

um . . i didn't say NOBODY goes downtown on sats. . . just that there are way fewer people there and that the meters are free so it'd be easy! ;)