Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mom Stuff

There have been bunches of blog ideas going around in my head lately, but I haven't had time to write them down, and now I've forgotten most of them. Stink!

But, here's a quick rundown of some of the latest happenings.

Lil Major is 2 months old today. And since I'm such a nice mom, I let him celebrate by going to the doctor and getting his first round of shots. How mean am I?? He did GREAT though. 3 pokes, silver nitrate on his belly button, and an oral vaccination. He cried when the nurse first poked him and then he just kinda whimpered. We've been able to keep most of the screams at bay the rest of today by giving him Tylenol by I.V. Not really, but the Tylenol has helped...which has been nice because we've spent most of the day holed up in the basement.

The basement? Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Jayme and her girls are staying with me because our hubbies went to Colorado with their parents to take care of some family business. And I'm glad she's here...the weather has been horrible. It was super windy all day, and then the tornado warnings started going off. We all kinda freaked out, ran into the basement, turned on the TV, said a prayer and held our breath until we found out that we were safe. THEN, we called the boys to see how their drive home was going and to tell them that we'd just survived a warning. Anything weather related sets us off these days.

Luckily, we had a great day yesterday before the weather turned ugly. Lil Major experienced the pool for the first time and the girls had a blast swimming. Jayme and I even got in to cool off -- it was SO hot!

Lil Major is growing fast, but he's still not sleeping more than a few hours at a time at night. And he must have thought I was falling asleep on the job the other night because he projectile pooped all over me and the basket full of CLEAN diapers to wake me up the other night. At least he pooped all over the HATED Huggies and not the good Pampers.


Band of Brothers said...

EEshk.Sorry about the foul weather. How unnerving. When I went to visit my sister a while back the tornado warnings kept going off while we were holed up in the basement with her baby(her hubby was out of town too). What a fright.

Lil major is getting so big! Good job feeding him--so funny about the huggies.

Char said...

Aw, look at the lil guy! Too cute!!

And I'll be praying for a let-up in the weather! It's making me nervous, just thinking about it FOR you guys!

Eliza said...

Huggies are the devil. I hate them with a passion.

I know I've been quiet lately, but I've been praying for you guys so much. So many times I would start to type something and I'm just at a loss of words.

Terri said...

glad you guys are okay; that had to have been nerve-wracking.

hated huggies? lol - what's that all about?

Lewis Family said...

Lil' Major is too cute, I think the little birthmark on his hand in that picture looks like a heart. How sweet!!! You shoud try Japanese diapers, I would gladly take any brand, any generic brand, from ANY store in the States, over the ones I have to use!!! LOL

abbagirl74 said...

Aha! The projectile poopie! Wait till he is wearing your favorite outfit, bought for a wonderful outing, and the projectile poopie goes straight up the back of the diaper and straight up his back and out of the neck hole of his shirt. Oh yeah, projectile poopie comes in more than one way.

The Hooper Family said...

Thank goodness he didn't poop on the Pampers!!! He was just trying to let you know that he doesn't like Huggies either!

Joyce said...

Ooooohh! What cute pictures. That Lil' Major is just getting cuter all the time!!!!

Looking forward to all the weekend festivites.....Thank you SO much for inviting us.

See you soon.

Agnes said...

What is the silver nitrate for?

So glad the tornados missed you. Did the guys make it home safe?

Laura said...

Yeah...I'm totally a wreck anytime the word tornado is used. Ugh...I've just got to trust. Anyway, I'm glad you're together...and I'm praying for the family while they're doing all the family stuff. I'm glad both brothers got to go. (sigh)

Sally said...

Terri - I've tried Luvs, Huggies and Pampers, and I hate all of them except Pampers...but then today he had a blowout in a Pampers diaper, so who knows?

Agnes - the silver nitrate is to clear up a granuloma on his belly button. it's extra tissue from when the umbilical cord fell off. And the guys made it home, we were SO glad to see them!

Laura - if all this would have happened before we moved to Kansas, I'm SURE I never would have agreed to come. I'm glad I'm here, but the tornado would have scared me away, big time!

Paulette said...

This pic of Lil Major is so so sweet! Jayme's girls are adorable too!

I'm in your camp on Huggies vs Pamers!