Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Day 1 - Wii had fun

With two little ones, we've learned that our excursions for the day won't start until lunchtime at the earliest. And as soon as we get anywhere, some baby needs to eat or be changed. Luckily, I'm learning how to just go with the flow.

So, it wasn't a surprise when Jana and I didn't get out of the house until after 12:30 pm to meet Mom and Dad for lunch (they had already been to get pedicures and haircuts). After lunch, we headed over to Mom's most favorite place in the whole world - COSTCO! She's seriously lobbying for them to bring one to Wichita, and I agree. Anyway, we spent TWO HOURS in Costco...browsing through books, DVDs, clothes, food, wine, beer (I miss the wine selection inside a normal store - stinkin' Kansas!). Papa enjoyed his grandsons, and Micah enjoyed hummus for the first time.

We finally made it out of Costco after 2 feedings in the car, a diaper change in the filthy Costco bathroom, a lost burp cloth (one of my favorites!), and the fear that we'd lost the GPS (thank goodness we hadn't). We got home just in time to get dinner ready for us and my good buddy Christine and Jana's neighbor friend.

Christine and I chatted, watched our new Buddy video that the girls made, and she got to know Lil Major. She had to leave too soon to pick up her kiddos, but we promised to get together again later this week with her whole family.

As the night grew later, Wii decided to have some fun. (Are you catching on to my puns?) Now, I've never been one to jump on the bandwagon regarding game systems. We don't own a single one. But, friends have been raving about the Wii for months now. And The Colonel actually said he wants one. This is unusual because he's anti-video games (unless it's an old school arcade game of Galaga). The guys at church are always trying to get him to play XBox with him, but he wants nothing to do with it. So, for him to say he wants a Wii must mean it's pretty cool.

I had never played it before tonight...but I'm hooked now. My sis has one, and we played tennis and bowling, and it was SOOO fun. At one point, I was on the floor trying not to pee my pants and laughing hysterically b/c I had just whacked my sister in the elbow with my backhand. At least I didn't throw the controller at the TV.

Here's Mom enjoying Lil Major while we ran around acting like crazies.

Dad is winding it up...trying to beat that 147 that he had in the 8th grade.

Janer - what the heck are you doing???

Tomorrow we head to northern Indiana to visit an old family friend and her family...more time in the car??!?


Terri said...

northern indiana??? man, a few more hours you could be in MI and I could meet you!

I really want a Wii at home too but unlike you we already have three gaming systems (gamecube, PS2 and Xbox 360). Oh well!

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Jayme said...

Addy seems to have discovered the magic of the Wii. I think it looks pretty fun too. :) I love the pics!

shell said...

i love that you spent 2 hours in costco. i totally do that, too. i like your mom's lobbing idea, too. you guys definitely need one!!

hubby got excited about one of the wii baseball games when we were in scottsdale for spring traing, though i doubt we will ever get a system. it seems like fun, though.

say hi to your family for me!!

Chelf said...

I like our Wii. I want a Wii Fit game now, and like the game system, nobody seems to have it, and nobody can get it for me. Stupid supply/demand.

I like the bowling, and I have a Cars racing game (my friend in Phoenix is one of the testers in the credits!) and I love it. You move, like all the little kids USED to do - "I said jump!" and they jump the controller. Nintendo watched that, and someone said, "Hey! We can make it DO THAT!"

And I won't tell the Colonel, but you can download classic Nintendo games onto the Wii. My hubby has several varieties of Mario and Zelda on ours. You might be able to get Galaga or something like it. They cost points, but you can buy the points like a gift card at Wally World.

Band of Brothers said...

i have not tried to wii, but John likes to play with his brother and dad. they were all laughing so hard they were in complete hysterics. i do like guitar hero though(i played xbox version)!

Monica said...

Hey girl. I have been trying to check this out to get updates on pictures and how you guys are doing. I love this pics. Major is growing so fast. I am glad you all are doing well. Too funny about the Wii, Cooper has one, we all love it too. He has so many games. We are going in the RV for the weekend camping, should be interesting with the kids. Roger's mom, aunt the kids and I. What a crew. I need to start posting some pictures on here, I just keep up with myspace, so don't know if I can do anymore. I think you still check that every now and then so you can get updates on our pictures. Rylee will be 7 months next week, where does the time go. Coop started golf this week and loves it. So when do you go back to work? Tell everyone hello. Miss you guys....Monica

Jody said...

An I suppose you had to drive near Iowa to get there....

Can you believe that we don't own one game system (other than a computer) and neither Doug or I have ever touched a Wii (and all my siblings own one!) True story!

Love Bears All Things said...

Here I am catching up. I like the Wii too, play it at G's house. It is so interactive. I've heard there's a dance game. I'd like to try that.
I like your new header.
Mama Bear

Jana said...

chelf - check out ebay and craigslist. i was on craigslist recently and someone near us was selling the wii fit!