Sunday, August 31, 2008

For ME??

My blogging buddy Jody over at Iowa Geek gave me an award recently. She loves my blog! Over the last months as we've read each other's blogs and gotten to know each other, we've realized that we have a lot of similarities - our love for convertibles and conservative politics and travel...and I'm looking forward to the day we can meet in person.

So, the award is awesome, and I'm so grateful...but, here's the tough part. I have to award it to 7 other blogs. Argh! The hard part is narrowing it down. I amaze most people when I tell them I have over 60 blogs in my bloglines. How do I pick just 7?? I'll give it a shot...just be gentle with me if I don't pick yours (and I'm staying away from family, b/c you guys KNOW I love your blogs!) doesn't mean I don't obsessively check my bloglines to see if you've updated.

Paulette - your writing is amazing, and I love reading about the antics of your, it helps me not feel so far away from you!

Band of Brothers - your creativity and enthusiasm inspire me! It makes me want to try to sew and take pictures and play on the floor with the kids.

Agnes - I'm so glad you started a blog. Your vacation stories and pictures of the boy help me not feel so far away from you. I'm so glad we're venturing on this motherhood thing together!

Journey to Iraq - I found Penny's blog through a friend, and I'm so glad I did. She's deployed in Iraq right now, and her stories and pictures show all the WONDERFUL things happening over there. Thanks for helping us stay positive! Come home safely!

Lorieloo - Another super creative and talented blogger and friend! Your series about you and Scott was so fun. I love reading about all your photography outings, and you KNOW I love your photos. I'm so glad we were able to spend some time together recently.

Shell - You got me into blogging! And it's been a great way for us to get back in touch. I can't wait til we can introduce our kiddos to each other!

Terry - Road Rage - Your title attracted me instantly, but I've loved reading about your career. I'm so impressed with how well you do your job, and I love hearing about all the fun and crazy times. Hang in there!

Whew! I did it! There are many more blogs that I love and have to read daily, but I wanted to honor these 7 today. If you haven't read their stuff, head over and check it out.


Band of Brothers said...

Wowsers! Thank You! I am honored beyond belief. I lOVE reading your blog and check it all the time:)

Paulette said...

Oh aren't you sweet! I can't wait to check out some of your other faves! Thanks for giving me a little push into this blog world and being such a faithful writer. I love checking in on you!

Agnes said...

Thanks! I'm so glad I started a blog...even if it's sometimes a challenge to get posts up! I agree that it's a fun way to keep in touch! Love you!

lorieloo said...

WOW my first "award"!! Thank you! I'm so flattered, and I too, have LOVED getting to know you more through these blogs of ours.

but now I have to award 7 myself? ack!=)

Jenn said...

You deserve this award. Thanks agian for inspiring me to blog. I love keeping up with you and I've also met (through cyberspace) so many other interesting folks through your blog. My blog wants to be like your blog someday...I'm working on it. :)

Eliza said...

You do deserve it and I love most of the ones you mentioned already. I so need to sign up for bloglines...I'm totally slow at remembering who I've checked and when.

shell said...

thanks, pretty lady!