Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Quick Update

Where does the time go??? I start my evening routine at 8pm, and it takes me until after 10pm to get it all done (feed baby, do dishes, make lunch, prep bottles, prep pump, shower, dry hair, TRY to check computer stuff)...grr!

But, a lot of you have been so sweet to check in on me, I wanted to let you all know what's up.

First off, if you're a Bako blogger wanting to get together in a couple weeks...please email me: redsaab at hotmail dot com (ya'll get how that works, right?). It's looking like Thursday night will work better, so I hope you can all make it. I'll send out details in an email when I get a message from you.

Ok, on to work. 2 days down, 4 to go until I get 2 weeks off. Not bad, right?

Actually, things are going well. I have a boss who I think is going to be really cool. A female! I've never worked for a female before. My day starts very early, and it's hard to leave Lil Major. Luckily, he's still asleep when I sneak out, so no tears shed by mom (yet!). Once I get there, it's a lot easier to be away, but about an hour before it's time to come home, I start counting the minutes...and then I rush home to snuggle my little guy - who doesn't seem to really notice that I was gone. Guess that means Mema is doing an awesome job! Thanks, Mom!

I don't like how quick the evenings go, and how little I get done because I don't want to let the boy out of my sight. But, I get 4 days off every week, so I can't really complain.

After saying all that - I'm off to finish the dishes, take a shower, feed the boy...etc, etc.

Hope to catch you again sometime soon!


shell said...

i'm so glad we got to catch up on the phone today! i hope you have a fantastic trip back home and can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.


Rach said...

so glad it is going better than you expected. that is great news!

Eliza said...

I echo what Rachel said. And I'll say this, I remember feeling like that too, that I had SO much to do each night and eventually it all just settled down and it wasn't as much or I got faster or something. Or I stopped stressing about the minute things, who knows, but it will get easier.

Terri said...

it gets easier....honest.

Laura said...

Glad the first two days went well!

CeCe said...

I'm so glad that it went well. And yes, it gets easier. LIke Eliza said, you either get faster... or you stop worrying that every crumb is picked up off your counter, scrap of lint off your carpet, etc.

My lifesaver: a house cleaner. Ditched the cable and hired a house cleaner twice a month. Best decision I made as a working mom. I was getting up at 5:30am on SATURDAYS to clean. Not fun. I literally tear-up every other Thursday when I drive into the garage and can smell the bleachy-freshness seeping from my doors. :)

I just keep telling myself "He has no clue that I am even gone..." and reminding myself that I"m helping my husband out by going to work. It helped me get through those really tough days when I thought I'd lose it.

Can't wait to see you in two weeks!!! Have a good rest of the week!

The Hooper Family said...