Friday, March 06, 2009

$12 Deal

One of my favorite deal blogs tipped me off to some sales at Target that worked great with some online coupons.

I got 6 pounds of beef (steaks and roast) and 30 snack sized applesauce containers for $12. Not bad, eh?


Jenn said...

Your target has meat? I am jealous. You must have a Super Target!

Olive Oyl said...

DUDE! Awesome deal!!! I am soooooo jealous that you have a Super Target!!!

Love Bears All Things said...

I have to find out how you did that, it is amazing.
Mama Bear

Tanya said...

How do I find this "Deal Blog?" I would love to find great deals like that!

Sally said...

Mama Bear - I combined store coupons, manufacturers coupons and sales at Target...and voila! $12!

Tanya - I did a post on all of my favorite sites and tips here: Some of them post all the same info, but it reminds me to check it all out.