Friday, March 06, 2009


It's been a week since I last posted?? Seriously?? I really do make an effort to post more regularly than that. Of course, if you're on Facebook, you see much more of me these days.

Anyway, it has been a full week. Until yesterday afternoon, I was ready to pull my hair out. The boy is teething...again...and he's fussy...all the time...unless I hold him. It's not a full out scream, it's just some whining. I know I'm being paid back for how whiny I, was.

But, yesterday, I saw the little culprit that has been causing us so much grief. Tooth #7 made an appearance on the bottom of Lil Major's mouth. And then it was 80 degrees yesterday (I'm afraid it's just a tease, I don't think spring is here to stay, yet!), so we bee-lined it to the zoo with Mema and Papa. And because I figured it was the first of many trips (Mema and Papa bought us a membership for Lil Major's upcoming birthday), I didn't take any photos.

It was so much fun to walk around and enjoy the sunshine and watch the people...I mean, animals. Although there were some interesting people out yesterday, too. I should have taken photos of them!

In addition to all of this, the boy turned 11 months old yesterday! I can NOT believe it. 11 months ago I was getting ready for my trip to CA, thinking that I had WEEKS until he would show up...when I really only had a few. So crazy! I'm working on a small family party for his big day - which happens to fall on Palm Sunday this year, and a video/slideshow (thanks to the help from Jenn) of his first year.

We've been seeing a lot of Daddy this week. He forgot his cell phone one day and then he forgot his mp3 player yesterday (he sits at a desk all day and NEEDS his talk radio/podcasts to get him through), so we've been taking his stuff to him in the morning. For the first time, I saw where he has worked for the last 2 years. He showed us around and showed off his "offspring," as he calls the boy. I think Daddy really enjoyed it, so I teased him last night about what he was going to forget today. =) I'm LOVING our family time together.

Our church had a STAGE night this week - it was a chance to show off your talents and hobbies. We thought it was a great idea and expected to see the auditorium packed with all kinds of stuff. Well, there was ONE great display. The Colonel took his portable train set. I've talked about his hobby a little before, but since the boy was born, The Colonel made another train display that can be taken apart and fit in the back of the Hummer. It was the hit of the night! A lot of our friends were there with their kids, and most of them had seen the train before, so they were excited to have another up close shot. Here are a few pictures. The first one didn't turn out well, but I'm posting it so you can see the signs that The Colonel made.

One more thing happened this week, something BIG. Something that we've been waiting for for a while. Something that I'm scared and excited and unsure about.

Lil Major started walking!!! Walking, I say. Unassisted, upright, walking on his own!

Now, he didn't just get up and run across the room like his cousin did, but he did take 4 steps to walk from me to Papa. And he's done that several times since. But, usually just if we encourage him. He knows that he can crawl MUCH faster than he can walk, so he usually drops down to his knees and crawls away. Here's my attempt to capture his mad new skills. I was a little too close, but I promise you, he took 3 steps from Daddy to me without our help. =) My boy is growing up!


JJ said...

Wow, first steps! Congratulations. Now he can get into sooo much more trouble! ;-)

Agnes said...

Hudson started slowly it was hard to say the ONE time that he actually started to walk. Congrats Lil' Major! The next time you visit, you can keep up with your buddy more easily!

Glad you posted...I've missed you!

Jenn said...

Way to go lil major! Watch out mommy!

Band of Brothers said...

Congratulations on the walking! SOOOO exciting!

Eliza said...

It's gone by so fast! I can't believe he's almost a year!

Love Bears All Things said...

Uh oh, now you'll have to watch out for those running starts that end up with skinned noses, etc.

A day at the zoo in the Spring is just the ticket. I'm a people watcher too.
Mama Bear