Friday, March 13, 2009


As if I need another distraction or bullet point on my TO DO list. But, I've found another obsession...besides deal recent days. Do you guys read Pioneer Woman?? If you don't, you're SO missing out. I LOVE her blog! And recently she had a contest for people to come to her ranch (to the Lodge which has just been redone) in OK to watch another awesome blogger (who's I've just discovered), Bakerella, make cake pops and cupcakes. Do you know that OK is JUST DOWN THE ROAD from me??? I signed up immediately...but I didn't win. Luckily, there will be more contests coming soon, and I will definitely be signing up for those, too!

Anyway, Bakerella (who posted all about her trip to the Ranch here) makes these AMAZING cupcakes and cake pops...and maybe, just maybe, I could actually do it, too. And I do have a little boy with a birthday coming up, and birthdays every year...and I love to bake.

Of course, it's Lent, so I can't EAT anything that I bake right now. But, that's probably a good thing.

Yesterday, Mom and I were wandering around Sam's Club. I had 2 things on my list to buy. Which is bad, because I walked out with about 5 items. And one of them was this:

It is FULL of amazing looking cupcakes. They seem to be VERY time consuming, but totally doable by a normal average baker, like me. Check this out!!

Yes, they're all cupcakes. And I wish I could take some artistic looking picture of my book, but I'm not so talented in that area, either. What AM I talented in?? Oh, deal shopping. Ok, pity party over.

Here's a cupcake that looks EXACTLY like my dog. How cool is that??

And here's one that has ME written all over it. I will definitely be making this set.

I really had no idea you could do so much w/ cupcakes...but I'm going to be trying to learn in the coming months!


Jenn said...

If you learn how to do that, will you teach me? :)

Love Bears All Things said...

I took a cake decorating class when my children were small and decorated lots of Birthday cakes. Its an exciting time in your life. I'm sure you're happy that you're able to stay home with Lil Major and not miss so much. And you have your Mom next door to enjoy. Life is just about perfect, right. Now I am going to have to pay more attention to your shopping and learn some dealing for our retirement years.
Mama Bear

Paulette said...

I have the Hello Cupcake book. It's so fun!! Colleen has made the alligator and I made the turkeys for gray's bday. They all came out adorable but here's my hint: Refrigerate! When your baking and working, things start getting warm and icing starts sliding. Tears may result!

LaughingLaura said...

I got that book for a friend of mine who has a little side business selling cupcakes at craft fairs, and she also does special-order stuff. I LOVE that book!

I don't think I have to guess what you plan to do the cupcake flag for...

Lynette said...

How fun. I wished we lived closer together because I have been really wanting to try my hand at some fun cupcakes.

Marge said...

My friend Katy is ALWAYS cooking out of that! It's great if you have lots of gumption and TIME. Did I mention time??? Sara got that for me as a gift recently. So cool! And I will try a recipe when the TIME comes.

Terri said...

find some good packaging and I'll send you my address. :o) Birthday is next month hehehehe

Olive Oyl said...

I am laughing that you said you are good at bargain shopping... Paulette has said my talent is organizing. :) Hey, maybe not as fun as being a really good cupcake baker, but people need us even if they think we are slightly nerdy!!! :0)