Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Provoking Question

So, as I was driving to the vet this afternoon (the VERY long way since google maps was WAY wrong) with my two precious puppies in their crate in the back of my car, I started thinking. I thought about how horrible it would be if I was rear ended with the dogs back there. Would they be ok? Would their crate be demolished?

And then I wondered what I would do first after an accident like that. Would I jump out and check on the driver of the other car? Or would I climb into the backseat to check on my darlings...the dogs, that is.

And I can tell you FOR SURE that I would check on my dogs first. They're part of my family, I've loved them for 7 years, and I have no clue who the yay-hoo is in the car behind me who just messed everything up.

What would you do?


The Hooper Family said...

I must say that your provoking question made me laugh. But then, I have those sort of thoughts all the time, just don't admit most of them!!

I would most definetely check on my pup first. Even more so b/c mine isn't in a kennel. Her kennel wouldn't come close to fitting in the back of my car, heck it barely fits folded up!!!

Miss you and hope we can get together this weekend!

Rachel O said...

We travel a lot with Sophie, and I'd do the saaaaame thing.

Did you know they make doggie seatbelts? Isn't that nuts? She would chew her way out of it.

Holly said...

Dogs, no doubt.

Jenn said...

No question, dogs! BTW, I hate google maps!

Elyce said...

Clearly I am not the only one who thinks these bizarro thoughts. The yay-hoo had probably been drinking, and drunks almost never get hurt in a car accident. It's usually the others involved who do, so I would definitely check the dogs first! :)

Sara said...

Ella is begging us for a dog. I'm feeling like a negligent parent because I am not providing my children with this basic childhood experience. I keep telling her, "We have babies in this family. Not dogs." I mean, seriously, getting a dog and having babies should not go together. We'd get even less sleep. NO WAY!