Monday, August 21, 2006

Chapter 3

I thought the next time I wrote about our movers, it would be the conclusion…but looks like there will be one chapter in between.

After the strange call from the so-called manager lady, I started thinking about trying to reach my contact directly. I’m going to name her Jill so I don’t have to keep saying “my contact”. Since Jill had called me from her personal number last week, I found it in my caller id and called her back on Friday. I just wanted to tell her what the manager had said and get her reaction. Well, according to Jill, she HAD NOT been fired. She told me that she left the company willingly because she did not agree with how they were doing business. Of course, I wish she would have clued me in earlier so I didn’t use them, but I realize she was being loyal to her job then. She also said that she didn’t know that they were affiliated with this other BAD company. I guess I believe her…she’s been pretty honest with me so far. Anyway, she isn’t completely separated from the company, so I’m hoping maybe she can still help me out with my shipment.

My plan is to call the movers later this week to make sure our stuff is scheduled to be shipped out on time to reach KS by September 1. I’ll let you know…

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