Thursday, August 24, 2006

You might be a redneck…

You might be a redneck if you haul your dead mother to Monkey Run, Arkansas, in a cardboard box shoved in the back of your pickup.

I AM NOT making this up. My MIL is a funeral director, which means we hear all kinds of weird and interesting stories. The other night she came home from work with a doozy. Just in case you’re wondering…YES, this does mean we frequently talk about dead bodies over dinner, and it’s great!

Apparently, a family came in to have a body prepared for a funeral in Arkansas (we’re in Kansas). I guess this part isn’t so rare, but the crazy thing was that they wanted to transport the body themselves (cheaper). On top of that, they didn’t want to purchase a casket for the body (which means less money for the funeral home), they wanted a cardboard box (which is available), AND they wanted to put the cardboard box – with the body – in the back of their truck and drive to Monkey Run, Arkansas.

The box was too long to close the tailgate, so they had to strap the box down and throw some blankets on top of it. And off they drove into the sunset in the direction of Monkey Run.

I have a feeling that maybe all this wasn’t legal on the part of the pickup driver…

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