Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not much I can do now...

Well, the day is here...the movers are here and loading things like crazy onto 2 different trucks. We finished the packing about 20 minutes before they arrived today.

There has already been some good news about one aspect of our baby (I mean Saab) arrived safely at my in-laws in small town Kansas. The guy picked it up on time, and arrived on time in KS, and everything worked out great...if anyone ever has to transport a vehicle, I recommend FedEx!

Today a different company is loading all our worldly possessions onto trucks to store them for a week or so, then load them on a DIFFERENT truck to transport them to KS. Everything that has happened with these movers in the last 48 hours is EXACTLY what all the websites say to look out for. I don't know if I'm paranoid or have a legitimate reason to be concerned.

I chose this company based on the great customer service I had in booking them as well as their reputation, as I could verify it. 2 days ago I found out that they operate under a 2nd company name (which shall remain anonymous until this move is over), and this 2nd company has an "F" rating with the BBB. The complaints on file are horrendous -- things getting stolen, broken, held hostage, prices higher than quoted, and on and on.

Since my emotional state of mind is a little tentative these days, I promptly broke into tears! So, of course the first person I call is Mom. Thank God for cell phones! While I was unloading on Mom, the customer service manager called me, so I hung up with mom and clicked over to her. She explained that the company I booked with was an offshoot of a family company (which is the other name I found associated with them), and both companies continued to operate separately. Well, the 2nd company had definite issues and a few months ago they asked the first company to help them fix those problems, so they started operating as the same company. She told me that the crew that was coming to do my move were different people than the other company, and that I had NOTHING to worry about. She said I would be satisfied and she would answer all my questions and stay in touch with me. So, I felt a little better, but I also knew it was too late to change anything.

So, I came home, took my scrapbooks out of the boxes since those can not be replaced, and I made sure that everything was packed extremely well. This morning, they showed up -- only 30 minutes late, but they're coming from LA, so that's understandable. The crew has 7 people, and they're all very nice, and I'm impressed with how well they wrapped the furniture so that it will stay protected in transit. Of course, they charge us extra for every inch of tape they use, so I'm not sure if they're trying to protect my stuff or if they're trying to charge us extra. Oh yeah, the other thing that freaked me out is they showed up in trucks that DO NOT have their company name on them, and one is even an Enterprise rental truck...the internet warns you about that, too.

They had to bring 2 trucks since we have so much stuff, so from here, they'll drive to LA, unload everything in storage (which sounds ridiculous to me as an industrial engineer -- how inefficient is that??!), then RELOAD in some time in the next week to 10 days, and drive it to KS. We bought them all McDonald's for lunch, hoping to make a connection with them which will translate into more care for our stuff.

They've worked very quickly, and they're friendly...I'll keep you updated as the process's out of my hands and right into God's now. Please God watch out for us!

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