Saturday, August 05, 2006

Freezer Finds

Have you ever decided to not buy any new food and just live off what is currently in your fridge, pantry and freezer?

Well, that becomes a necessity when you're moving. My husband keeps freaking out that we have nothing to eat...but we have tons to eat! Ethiopian kids would be in heaven! You just might have to put together some non-traditional about some pinto beans, tuna, and frozen berries? Or maybe some mustard, italian dressing, dried milk and green beans?

I have to say that we're doing a pretty good job working through some of that stuff. The canned stuff I can move, but we have to get rid -- one way or another -- of all the perishable stuff. I cleaned out the fridge the other day, and there's not too much left. We'll never finish all the mustard and salad dressing, but we're trying pretty hard to eat up the more expensive stuff.

I think we should all do this a couple times a year...even if you're not moving anywhere...I can't believe how much junk we buy that never gets eaten...ever!!

I FINALLY started packing today after my mom reminded me that the movers show up in 12 days. I packed 3 boxes, and then I got tired. Of course, I'm also trying to get the house spotless for an open house we're having tomorrow. So, I think I've been pretty productive today.

Our ding dong realtor put a key in the lockbox that DOES NOT WORK! We had 2 different people who wanted to see the house yesterday, and they couldn't get in! Hopefully they'll come tomorrow during the open house.

I still haven't booked anyone to transport my car to KS. Are there no more honest people left in this world??? Every time I find a company that I think might transport my car safely and honestly...I find some horror story about them on the internet, and then I freak out again. If we weren't planning to drive from CA to KS in 2.5 days, then I would suggest to B that we just drive our own cars. The plan is to drive his car with the dogs and take turns driving so we can make better time...but if we drive that much, I don't want to be in separate cars because someone will probably end up falling asleep.

Anyone know of a good auto transport company??? I need help!

Well, I've been sitting on the couch for too long...better start packing or cleaning again!

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