Sunday, July 30, 2006

The Right Shoes

We went to Orange County this weekend trying to get out of the heat. Saturday we drove down to Tijuana where we had a blast bartering with the locals for "purses, belts, t-shirts". The best quotes of the day were: "come on in gringo, I will rip you off less", "come buy something else you don't need", "it's free to look, no cover charge", "the is a family restaurant...2 for 1 drinks".

I made 2 deals that should make my hubby proud. The first was a joint effort with my mom. We are now the proud owners of matching "Gucci" handbags. The woman wanted $55 each, and Mom and I walked out of there paying $50 for both of them, together!! B taught us well! the second deal was for a stained glass sun catcher with the Philly Eagles logo -- for my cousin. B had been trying to get different vendors to sell it to us for $10...but they wouldn't come below $12 (after starting at $20). Well, while B was braving the restrooms, I found another vendor with the same thing....and I got it for $10!

While the shopping was great in TJ, my real deals were found the night before at Nordstrom Rack, Ann Taylor Loft, and Marshalls -- some of my most favorite stores. I found an adorable wrap dress at AT...not on sale...but couldn't be passed up because it looked SOOO cute on me. Well, of course, I need the cutest shoes to match -- and I'd been wanting new black heels anyway. I found them at Marshalls for only $50. Ok, maybe that doesn't sound like a steal, but they're leather, 4" heels, and regularly $100...and they just make the outfit.

So, the sign I saw in a shop window in Seal Beach says it all: The right shoes can change your life, just ask Cinderella.

I have to add my own touch could ask the same question to Dorothy and probably get the same answer -- fitting, don't you think??


shell said...

great shopping, girlie! i'm impressed with the 4" heels! i'm wearing 3/12" ones today...and they're so fun!

Sally said...

Us shorties have to do whatever we can to get a better view! =)

shell said...

hee hee! for sure! and we look darn cute doin' it, too.