Saturday, July 15, 2006


I just had the BEST pedicure I've EVER had, EVER!!I'm in KS still, and B had an interview this morning, so since we only have one car, I decided to walk across the street to get a pedicure. This older lady walked in right behind me and only wanted a polish change, so when the tech was filling the tub for my pedi, I told her she could just let me soak and do the polish change if she wanted. Well, the lady ended up wanting a polish change for feet and hands, so I got to sit there for about 30 minutes soaking my feet in the tub, feeling a GREAT massage from the chair and reading my smut magazine (I love those!!). When the tech finally got to me, she did a great job...she didn't rush, she scrubbed off all my calluses (sp?), she massaged my legs up to my knees and put that tingling stuff on them...and she WAS NOT wearing gloves. I hate when they wear gloves. She even made sure to put cream on my heels. They always forget about my heels. Then she put my flip flops back on before she painted (what a novel idea), and then she wrapped my legs in hot towels while she painted my toes. It was so nice! I will have to remember this place when we move here.This afternoon we're going to look at houses again. We drove around town yesterday and didn't see any other neighborhoods we liked besides the one we'd already found. There's one house in particular that I really like, and B likes the pictures, but he hasn't seen it in person yet. So, we're going to see that house and all the other ones for sale in the same neighborhood. Then tonight we're going to try to go out with his buddy from high school. He and his girlfriend just had a baby, so we can see the kid, too.Tomorrow, we're going to just show up at B's dad's church and surprise his parents. His mom will start crying...they don't know we're here.I would also like to make it across town to Ann Taylor and Banana before we leave...but that may not happen.

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