Thursday, July 20, 2006


No wonder B thinks that California is the land of the fruits and nuts...I've turned into a nutcase!

Is it possible to be happy, scared, sad, excited, grumpy and angry all at the same time??? If it's not, then there is something seriously wrong with me. I'm a mess tonight! B and I are still arguing about stupid stuff (don't they say that one of the most stressful situations for a married couple is moving?). He thinks I'm being mean...I probably am, but not intentionally. He keeps throwing out comments that he thinks I've changed my mind and don't want to move...I haven't. But, I am starting to realize all that I'm going to miss, and the time is getting shorter. I had a blast at work today (even though I was swamped), and I went to Happy Hour with my department after work -- tons of fun! I'll have to start all over at a new company...yada, yada, yada.

I got all teary eyed when I talked to a girlfriend on the phone tonight while we were making plans for tomorrow. She told me how sad she was that we were leaving, and I couldn't even say goodbye when we finished talking.

Please, God, give me some signal that we're making the right decision by moving to KS! And quick...I have a deadline (ever the demanding chick!).


shell said...

you are not a nut. not at all. this is a HUGE move, no matter how you put it. not only are you changing jobs, you are also moving across the country and moving away from your family. this is ginormous. but, you are a stong gal, you can do it. i know you can. everything is going to work out. it will take time to settle, but things will be just fine. i just know it.

Sally said...

thanks for the encouragement. I know I'll be's just so much change at once.